It was a waste of money! In a surprising poll, Britons bash the fledgling space tourism business.


It was a waste of money! In a surprising poll, Britons bash the fledgling space tourism business.

A recent poll indicated that a third of people who aren’t interested in spaceflight believe it is a waste of money.

Billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos may have vowed to make space accessible to the general public, but the idea does not appear to be popular. Only 55% of Britons are enthusiastic about space tourism, according to a new survey conducted by Piplsay, a worldwide consumer research company. To evaluate public opinion on spaceflight, the pollster polled a total of 8,800 Britons and 30,470 Americans.

The findings were released more than a week after Mr. Bezos’ company, Blue Origin, flew its first crewed missions to the edge of space.

On July 11, Sir Richard became the world’s first billionaire to fly into space with Virgin Galactic, nine days earlier.

According to these tech billionaires, the globe is not on the verge of a space revolution.

Mr Bezos, the newly-minted astronaut, said in a post-flight briefing that flying into space has been a life-changing event and that he was struck by the planet’s beauty.

“If you go into space and realize how fragile it is, you’ll want to take even greater care of it,” he continued.

Nonetheless, the idea of Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin going to the skies appears to be dividing public sentiment.

The Piplsay poll questioned participants if they thought the recent missions were a good thing or a bad thing.

Only 36% and 37% of Britons, respectively, thought they were “positive” or “indifferent.”

About 10% indicated they were “not sure,” and 17% stated they had unfavorable feelings.

The American audience was far more favorable about the missions, with 55 percent saying they were good and only ten percent saying they were bad.

The survey went on to question which of the two companies they would choose to travel to space with.

Only 16% of Britons chose Blue Origin, compared to 29% of Americans, while 25% of Britons chose Virgin Galactic, compared to 26% of Americans.

Around 39% of Britons said they would choose none because they were uninterested, and 22% said they would choose none because it was “too risky.”

In comparison to the US figures, 26% stated they were not interested, and 19% felt space travel was too risky.

After that, the pollster questioned if people were “slightly thrilled.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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