Is tonight a Supermoon? Keep an eye out for the Super Strawberry Moon, which is this week’s highlight.


Is tonight a Supermoon? Keep an eye out for the Super Strawberry Moon, which is this week’s highlight.

THE LAST SUPERMOON OF THE YEAR is on its way, giving skygazers around the world one last chance to watch the lunar spectacular this year – but will it be a Supermoon tonight?

According to astronomer Tom Kerss, the Supermoon will be a highlight of this week’s astronomical activities. Supermoons occur three to four times every year on average, yet there is no precise definition of what makes a Supermoon “super.” A Supermoon is defined as a Full Moon that occurs at or at the lunar perigee, which is the Moon’s closest approach to Earth.

The word was coined in the 1970s by astrologer Richard Noelle and has since been adopted by the general public.

Many people believe the Moon will appear bigger and brighter than normal since it will be significantly closer to the Earth than on past occasions.

This week’s Full Moon isn’t the only Supermoon to appear this year with an extra glint.

In March, April, and May, a Supermoon arose, the last of which coincided with a total lunar eclipse.

When the Moon comes up over the horizon tonight, it will appear unusually large and dazzling, but will it be the Supermoon?

Yes! This month’s Full Moon, dubbed the “Strawberry Moon,” will rise on the evening of Thursday, June 24.

When the Moon and Sun are properly aligned, the Moon will reach its brightest point around 7.39pm BST.

The Moon will then rise in the southeast skies at at 9.37pm BST, as seen from London.

“Well, it’s a bit east to the Scorpion, in neighboring Sagittarius, that we’ll watch this week’s highlight, the Full Strawberry Moon as it ripens on Thursday,” said Mr Kerss, who hosts the monthly podcast Star Signs: Go Stargazing!

“This will be the year’s final near-perigee Full Moon, also known as a Supermoon.

“The full phase occurs very near to perigee, the point in the Moon’s orbit when it is closest to the Earth.”

However, tonight’s Supermoon will not be as stunning as last month’s.

The Moon will be slightly smaller and less luminous than the May Flower Moon, but it will still be “spectacular” while rising and setting, according to Mr Kerss.

During a Supermoon, the difference in size and brightness is generally indistinguishable. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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