Is the moon landing a hoax? A conspiracy theorist believes he has nailed NASA, but he overlooks one vital point.


Is the moon landing a hoax? A conspiracy theorist believes he has nailed NASA, but he overlooks one vital point.

More than 50 years after Neil Armstrong’s “one giant leap for mankind,” the MOON LANDING’S veracity has been called into question once more. Experts strongly disagree with conspiracy theorists who believe proof of a fraud is hidden in NASA’s Moon landing footage.

On July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the Moon, America was engulfed in the Cold War Space Race. The Moon landing, carried out by American astronauts in the name of “peace for all mankind” about 52 years ago, is still considered as one of humanity’s greatest achievements. Despite this, many conspiracy theories surround NASA’s proudest achievement, with small groups of individuals around the world questioning whether humans ever landed on the Moon.

The most prevalent idea, which has been debunked numerous times, is that NASA fabricated the Moon landing footage in order to gain an advantage in the Space Race.

The Moon landing, according to conspiracy theorists, was filmed in a Hollywood studio under the watchful eye of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.

Others have claimed that despite being in space, the US flag flapped and waved while on the Moon.

Despite the fact that many of the claims have been debunked throughout time, the internet remains a hotspot of unverified claims and unfounded rumors.

Scott C Waring, a well-known UFO hunter and self-proclaimed ET expert, has recently joined the ranks of Moon landing skeptics, claiming overwhelming evidence of a NASA deception.

Mr Waring published an authentic NASA film clip of Neil Armstrong setting foot on the Moon on his blog

The NASA astronaut may be seen in his cumbersome EVA suit descending the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), Eagle.

His left leg appears to be transparent as he descends the ladder to the dusty, grey regolith that covers the lunar surface.

You may just make out the lunar horizon slicing through Mr Armstrong’s thigh if you look closely at the footage.

This, in Mr Waring’s opinion, is irrefutable proof that the Moon landing was manufactured.

“As the astronaut steps down the ladder, the Moon’s shadow, which should be behind his foot, is suddenly in front of his foot,” he explained.

“The same can be said about his upper leg, which is making the horizon.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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