Is it possible for you to attend Oxford University? To discover out, try these admissions questions.


Is it possible for you to attend Oxford University? To discover out, try these admissions questions.

To determine if you have what it takes to study at Oxford, try answering these difficult admission questions.

If you’ve ever questioned whether you have the intellectual capacity to study at Oxford, here’s a sneak peek into the application process. According to the Guardian, these questions were all sent to admissions interviews when applying for a combined philosophy degree, so be prepared for your brain to suffer once you try them out and find the answers below.

Stephanie’s Pleasant Surprise

Stephanie has invited her friends Rowan and Colleen to her house, telling them that she has a surprise concealed beneath one of the blue squares.

But there’s a catch: Stephanie has discreetly informed Rowan of the row number and Colleen of the column letter of the surprise. Everyone is aware of this, and the following discussion ensues:

Rowan: “I’m not sure where the surprise is, but I’m pretty sure Colleen isn’t either.”

Colleen: “To be honest, I had no idea where the surprise was at first. But now I’m aware of its location.”

Rowan: “In that case, I’m pretty sure I know where it is.”

What do you anticipate the surprise will be?

Party of the Tiles

Shelia and Colin are at a party, hoping to locate a surprise concealed beneath the tiles. Each buddy is given a piece of information regarding the surprise’s location in secret.

Sheila recognizes the tile’s form.

Colin recognizes the tile’s color.

Everyone is aware that only this and no additional information is provided.

“Do either of you know where the surprise is?” asks the host.

Awkward quiet for a long time…

“Do you know now?” asks the host.


Colin, Sheila: (at the same time): “Now I know where it is!”

Question: Where do you believe the surprise will be found?

Boxes of Alice

Caroline and Susan have been invited to Alice’s house, and numerous boxes have been placed on the table in front of them. A tiny red box, a medium red box, a huge black box, a small blue box, and a large blue box are among the options.

Alice has told her pals that she has hidden a gift in one of the boxes and has surreptitiously revealed the color and size of the box to Caroline and Susan, who are both aware of this.

This is what we talked about:

Caroline: “I’m not sure which box the gift is in,” Brinkwire Summary News says.


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