Hundreds of New Exoplanets Confirmed by NASA’s ExoMiner Outside the Solar System


Hundreds of New Exoplanets Confirmed by NASA’s ExoMiner Outside the Solar System

ExoMiner, a NASA project, has confirmed that there are hundreds of new Exoplanets beyond our Solar System. It’s on top of the tens of thousands that have already been discovered.

Hundreds of New Exoplanets Confirmed by NASA’s ExoMiner

According to Newsweek, NASA, or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, considerably increased the number of planets discovered in deep space in one go to a stunning 301.

It’s on top of the 4,569 planets identified and confirmed outside the solar system earlier.

It’s worth emphasizing that none of the hundreds of new planets identified are Earth-like or habitable in the same way that our own planet is.

However, it turns out that NASA’s search for Earth-like exoplanets has yet to yield a result.

The US space agency and the National Science Foundation, in collaboration with researchers from Pennsylvania State University, launched a search for habitable planets outside the solar system or in deep space on July 29.

Despite the hundreds of new Exoplanets discovered, NASA has yet to find an Earth-like planet far away from us.

ExoMiner and Exoplanets from NASA

According to a TechExplorist news piece, NASA’s new ExoMiner technology allowed it to confirm hundreds of new planets in faraway stars in a matter of months rather than years.

It’s worth noting that confirming the existence of distant planets in the past may take years. It comes as a result of the fact that it still needs to go through multiple and time-consuming verification before it can be declared approved.

With thousands of stars being observed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, validating all of these discoveries would take a long time.

That’s where the ExoMiner’s artificial intelligence comes in.

The technology aids the space agency in rapidly validating new planets, not only at a faster rate, but also with greater accuracy.

NASA’s ExoMiner is an application that runs on the US space agency’s Pleiades supercomputer. It could determine the difference between an Exoplanet and a non-Exoplanet with pinpoint accuracy.

NASA fed the ExoMiner possible Exoplanets from the Kepler space telescope’s archives to confirm hundreds of new planets.

As a result, 301 of these potentially habitable worlds have been confirmed as Exoplanets.

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Is NASA’s ExoMiner reliable?

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