Google Maps will display the most fuel-efficient route—Search, and Nest will add features to reduce carbon emissions.


Google Maps will now show the most fuel-efficient route to its car driving users.

Alongside that feature, the search engine giant is also introducing new features that seek to lessen carbon footprint for the Search, Travel, and Nest platforms.

Google and Carbon Footprint

The latest move of Google, which now extends to the features of their apps, comes after the tech giant announced its goal to lessen its carbon footprint.

To be precise, Google announced last 2020 that it seeks to be solely powered by low-carbon energy after ten years or in 2030.

Now, the tech titan is extending its efforts to lower greenhouse gas emissions to its users.

Google Maps’ Most Fuel-Efficient Route

As per The Verge, Google Maps will start showing its users the most fuel-efficient route as an option to take on Oct. 6, Wednesday.

The tech giant first hinted about the Google Maps feature last March. It will now be rolling out for its users in the United States.

The fuel efficiency feature has numerous benefits. It does not only cut down the user’s gas cost. It also helps reduce the pollution produced by the tailpipe of the vehicle.

Google said that if ever the most fuel-efficient route is also the quickest option, it will be the default direction.

On the other hand, if the fuel-efficient option is slower, Google Maps will still suggest it to its users while noting its benefits.

How about the Google Maps users outside the US?

The search engine giant announced that its users in Europe will also get to experience the said feature in 2022.

On top of that, Google Maps will also suggest the nearby scooter or bike-sharing locations in almost 300 cities globally, which includes New York, Taipei, Berlin–to name a few.

Google Search and Carbon Footprint

As for the Google Search platform, the firm plans to improve the “climate change” results, prioritizing “high quality climate-related info.”

The tech giant also announced that it plans to share information on climate change from reputable sources like the United Nations.

Also, Google Search will encourage its users to shop more eco-friendly. For instance, the results in the US for those looking for a specific car model or brand will show their hybrid and electric variants.

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Google Nest Thermostat to Reduce Carbon Footprint

According to TechHive, Google further announced a feature called Nest Renew service that promotes less carbon footprint, which will be rolling. Brinkwire Summary News.


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