Get a (dollar)50 Xbox Gift Card for (dollar)40 and Spend It on More Xbox Games.


Purchase a (dollar)50 Xbox Gift Card for (dollar)40 and use the extra money to purchase more Xbox games.

$50 Xbox Gift Card

Gift card deals, as I’ve previously stated, are truly my favorite.

It brings me strange joy to write that “you can buy a (dollar)50 Xbox gift card for (dollar)40.”

It’s like getting away with taking a test and getting away with it.

If you want to save some money, go to Newegg and get a (dollar)50 Xbox gift card for (dollar)40 by using the code XboxThreeFiddy at checkout.

There are a few interesting details to note here: it appears that you can purchase up to three, and the discounts stack.

Technically, this means you can get (dollar)80 off (dollar)400.

If you’re thinking about getting a new Series XS through Microsoft’s store (when you can find one), this is a roundabout way to save a little money.

Giovanni Colantonio originally published this story on 01142021, and Joe Tilleli updated it with new information on 01102022.


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