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From Just Dance to Brain Training, five of the best video games for non-gamers

We understand video games might not be for everybody. You may not have time to play them, think they’re too difficult, or simply don’t find them interesting.

But if you’ve ever had the urge to test your Sudoku skills, complete a word search or even play a quick card game, there are some great video games that might pique your interest.

From brain training exercises to educational simulators, this selection of pick up and play games are ideal for non-gamers.

Do you need more board games to keep you and your family occupied at home? If so, you might want to try your hand at 51 Worldwide Games. The Nintendo Switch game is packed with a wide selection of eclectic board games, tabletop games and other fun challenges from all over the world.

These include familiar favourites like Chess and Four in a Row, as well as international hits like Mancala and Hanafuda, which have been around for hundreds of years. It also features fun puzzle games such as bowling, toy curling, battle tanks and toy tennis.

There is also a wide selection of card games to put your skills to the test, including Klondike Solitaire, Blackjack and Texas Hold’em.


Celebrating a decade of dancing with family and friends, Just Dance 2020 is packed with tons of fun content and cool features.

It includes 40 fresh tracks from chart-topping hits to family favourites and guilty pleasures, plus a song from Disney’s Frozen 2. Players can dance solo in Sweat Mode or team up for an energising routine in Co-op Mode.

You can track your calories burned and time spent dancing to monitor your fitness levels and keep yourself motivated.

There’s also a Kids Mode with eight all-new dance choreographies created with the help of kids’ development experts to promote and encourage healthy movement. 


Do you like to keep your mind busy with numeracy, literacy and memory games? If so, Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch could be a great way to give your brain a workout, even if you don’t normally play video games.

The video game offers a wide range of tasks to help strengthen your mind. This includes daily exercises that challenge your information processing speed, short-term memory and self-control to calculate your brain age.

You can also play multiplayer and challenge friends and family by using one Joy-Con each. 

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a bee? This simulator video game lets you explore the world from the eyes of the flying insect. 

Developed with real beekeepers, the game lets you mimic a bee’s behaviour, including collecting pollen, communicating with your fellow bees and  evading dangerous wasps and hornets. Humans are also planning to cut down the tree where your hive is based, so you and your swarm must do everything you can to survive.

Advice and facts about bees are also shared throughout the game to provide much-needed education on how to save the bees.

Dive into breathtaking visuals of underwater scenery in a new exploration adventure game from the artistic mind behind Journey and Flower. 

Abzu sees you The Diver venture through majestic seascapes and oceanic ecosystems to gather collectables and unlock the end of game achievement.

With a beautiful score by composer Austin Wintory and unprecedented detail everywhere you look, ABZU is a truly relaxing experience. However, as you descend deeper into the abyss, there are darker, more perilous mysteries waiting for you at the heart of the ocean. 


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