Following Richard Branson’s launch, Virgin Galactic outlines a massive plan to transport visitors to space.


Following Richard Branson’s launch, Virgin Galactic outlines a massive plan to transport visitors to space.

After creator Sir Richard Branson successfully flew beyond the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere on his own rocket plane, VIRGIN GALACTIC has revealed its ambition to begin transporting visitors into space at an unprecedented rate.

Virgin Galactic has announced intentions to begin transporting tourists into space on a daily basis. On Sunday, the private space company’s creator, Sir Richard Branson, was successfully propelled to the edge of space in a ground-breaking test flight for space tourism.

On Sunday afternoon, the millionaire took off from Spaceport America in a rocket plane that had been in construction for nearly two decades.

Before being released, Branson’s rocket plane, Unity, was launched by a larger space rocket and ascended to a height of 282,000 feet.

An hour later, he successfully returned to Earth, and the mission was judged a major success.

The mission, according to the Virgin founder, was “a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.”

“I’ve wanted this moment since I was a kid,” he remarked, “but nothing prepares you for the vista of Earth from space.”

“It was really magical,” says the narrator.

Branson tweeted shortly after landing, “I was once a child with a dream staring up to the stars.”

Now I’m an adult aboard a spaceship orbiting our lovely planet.

“If we can achieve it, think what you can do,” he says to the next generation of visionaries.

Following the successful mission, the space corporation has laid forth its future intentions.

According to Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglazier, the company plans to launch at least one rocket into space every day.

However, there is currently no definitive guidance for people seeking to reach the Earth’s edge.

Colglazier warned that the corporation confronts a lot of challenges before achieving its main goal.

“I believe this will be a highly supply-constrained business for a while,” he told the Financial Times.

“At each spaceport, we’ll aim for around 400 trips per year.

“I expect high single-digit to low double-digit numbers of spaceships [at each site]to reach levels like that.”

Each plane will hold four passengers, and more than 600 individuals have already signed up for the inaugural journey.

Customers will be able to see the Earth’s surface curving into the distance with dark skies for upwards of $250,000 (£180,000).

The journey was detailed by Branson. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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