Experts should intercept interstellar bodies like ‘Oumuamua,’ according to an alien hunter astronomer.


Experts should intercept interstellar bodies like ‘Oumuamua,’ according to an alien hunter astronomer.

ALIEN HUNTING scientist Avi Loeb believes that if adequate notice is given, spacecraft might be deployed to explore some of the solar system’s foreign objects, and that this could be the best hope of finding extraterrestrials.

In 2017, an interstellar object known as ‘Oumuamua’ was discovered in our solar system. Scientists were perplexed when the item was discovered because of its unusual shape and the fact that it is an interstellar visitor, meaning it is not from our solar system.

There were many theories about where it came from, ranging from a comet or asteroid to an alien messenger craft.

Despite the fact that many specialists have discounted the alien notion, Avi Loeb, the chair of Harvard University’s astronomy department, continues to promote it.

He now claims that if humanity is able to identify these extraterrestrial visitors ahead of time, a probe may be deployed to investigate them.

According to Prof. Loeb, evidence of alien technology will most likely be discovered before aliens themselves.

“We are likely to encounter extraterrestrial technology – in other words, equipment – far before we see creatures from other worlds,” he told Haaretz.

“Equipment can withstand long distances and for extended periods of time, and it can be shipped off with no expectation of being utilized for many years.”

Prof. Loeb emphasized that, given the age of the Universe, humanity is a relative newcomer, having only existed for about 200,000 years.

When compared to the Universe’s 13.8 billion-year age, this figure is insignificant.

As a result, a civilisation could have arisen far earlier than we did and sent a probe into the galaxy, similar to the 1970s Voyager missions.

“It’s reasonable that previous alien civilizations send out spacecraft, just as we’ve sent out Voyager and New Horizons beyond our solar system,” Prof. Loeb stated.

“Just as we perform archaeological excavations to look for anything they may have left behind, we need to be looking for proof of the presence of alien civilizations.

“If we locate other bodies like Oumuamua and find them early enough, we can find evidence for their existence.”

Experts may “send up a spaceship that could meet it, image it, and maybe even land on it” if given “enough warning,” according to the scientists.

Prof. Loeb: “If we could document such.”


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