Elon Musk shows out the breathtaking view from the Starbase High Bay.


Elon Musk shows out the breathtaking view from the Starbase High Bay.

ELON Musk has shared a breathtaking video of himself looking out over Starbase, the launch site in Boca Chica, Texas, where the fabled Starships are housed.

When SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed an aerial view of Starbase, it sparked outrage among space enthusiasts. Starbase is the launch facility for SpaceX’s Starship prototypes and could one day serve as the hub for human exploration of Mars. From the top of the Starbase High Bay, Mr Musk has offered a view of the facilities.

The Starship prototypes were held in situ in the High Bay before they were launched.

Despite the fact that it is late at night, the vista shows employees hard at work.

“From the top of Starbase high bay,” Mr Musk said alongside the footage.

The SN16 will most likely be the next Starship to launch, but no date has been set.

The SN15 made its way back to the earth on May 5, following an eight-minute flight, and landed safely in Boca Chica, Texas.

SpaceX was rightfully praised when the SN15 touched down after the previous four Starship landings had ended in a spectacular ball of flames.

Mr Musk stated shortly after the historic event that the SN15 may potentially fly again.

However, weeks have gone since the SN15 landed, and there has been no indication that the SN15 is prepared to take off again.

Similarly, no launch date has been set for the SN16.

The SN15 was reinstalled on one of SpaceX’s two suborbital launch platforms on May 25.

Many people were ecstatic that the SN15 was about to be released.

SpaceX, on the other hand, removed the SN15 the next day and returned it to the Texas Starship plant in Boca Chica.

This is the clearest indication yet that SpaceX has retired the most successful Starship prototype.

As a result, SN16 is now alone in the docking bay.

The SN16’s release date, on the other hand, is presently unknown.

There have been no requests for temporary flying restrictions (TFRs) over Boca Chica, nor have there been any road closures around the base.

Since the SN8 launched in December 2020, SpaceX has launched a rocket every two months on average.


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