Elon Musk gets enraged as a rogue aircraft cancels SpaceX’s launch at the last minute, claiming that the “system is broken.”


Elon Musk gets enraged as a rogue aircraft cancels SpaceX’s launch at the last minute, claiming that the “system is broken.”

On Tuesday night, ELON MUSK was furious when the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was abruptly canceled due to a stray aircraft emerging in the launch area.

As part of the Transporter-2 mission, SpaceX was scheduled to launch 88 satellites into orbit on June 29. The cargo was certified for flight from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida, atop a single Falcon 9 rocket. However, in the closing seconds of the countdown, the flight was abruptly canceled, with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk later stating that an airplane had gotten in the way.

“Wait, hold, hold,” a SpaceX flight controller was heard saying on the official launch live broadcast with only 13 seconds to liftoff.

A short time later, it was announced that the launch had been canceled due to a “fouled range” – a notice that something had appeared in the launch area’s protected airspace.

Mr Musk then vented his frustrations on Twitter, disclosing the reason for the delay.

The South African businessman also took a barely veiled aim at the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The SpaceX CEO and the FAA have already clashed over what Mr Musk feels are antiquated and broken regulations.

The FAA, on the other hand, has raised concerns about SpaceX’s prototype Starship spacecraft breaking the requirements of its FAA launch license.

“Unfortunately, launch is called off for today, as an airplane entered the ‘keep out zone,’ which is ridiculously massive,” Mr Musk tweeted on Tuesday.

“Without massive regulatory reform, humanity will never be able to become a spacefaring civilisation. The current regulatory framework is ineffective.”

The comments echoed the SpaceX CEO’s outburst in response to the FAA’s decision to postpone a Starship launch in late January.

Mr Musk accused the FAA of impeding humanity’s progress toward landing on Mars in a blistering Twitter rant.

“Unlike the FAA’s airplane division, which is OK, the FAA’s space division has a fundamentally dysfunctional regulatory structure,” he explained.

“Their laws are designed for a few annual throwaway launches from a few government locations.

“Humanity will never travel to Mars if such rules are followed.”

The launch of Transporter-2, on the other hand, has been delayed until Wednesday evening.

The launch window for SpaceX opens at 7.56pm BST (2.56pm EDT) and lasts for 58 minutes.

This will be SpaceX’s second rocket launch. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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