‘Cursing him!’ says Stonehenge disaster after archaeologist “nearly destroyed ancient find.” ’.


‘Cursing him!’ says Stonehenge disaster after archaeologist “nearly destroyed ancient find.” ’.

A 20th-century archaeologist nearly destroyed vital evidence for human burials at Stonehenge thousands of years ago, resulting in a near-disaster.

For ages, visitors have been lured to the ancient stone monument. Its first manifestation was a 5,000-year-old ring of Welsh bluestones. The locations of the bluestones are marked by fifty-six holes around the monument’s perimeter.

They were discovered by John Aubrey, an antiquary, natural philosopher, writer, and pioneer archaeologist, in the 17th century.

The holes were given the name ‘Aubrey holes’.

The bluestones were shifted at some time, but the materials beneath them were left intact.

Half a million bone fragments were discovered during the Smithsonian Channel series “Mystic Britain: Secrets of Stonehenge.”

Archaeologist William Hawley discovered the bones in several of the holes far after Aubrey’s time, in the 1920s.

However, as the documentary’s narrator noted, “Hawley’s approach to preserving a site for historical purity differs a tiny bit from today’s – he actually rebuilt part of Stonehenge using non-Stone Age techniques.” Taking the same “casual approach” to archaeology, Hawley and his team dumped all the bones from the various Aubrey holes into one big pit when they were finished with their work.

They sabotaged the work of future Stonehenge archaeologists in one easy stroke, “almost destroying” any revelations about the humans who once utilized the monument.

Christie Willis, an osteoarchaeologist, spent six years stitching together and matching the bones that remained after Hawley’s death in order to generate detailed profiles of the deceased.

She is “cursing Hawley’s name with every bone,” according to the documentary.

“It was a lot of work,” Ms Willis added.

“We have roughly 60 people buried at Aubrey holes, based on Hawley’s excavation journals.

“It was my job to attempt to keep these people apart.

“I was able to isolate 26: I was able to find 21 people and five children, so we have a foetus, an infant, a young child, an old child, and a teenager,” says the researcher.

The majority of the burned bones were discovered beneath the original bluestones.

Researchers revealed that the people were buried at the same time Stone Age Britons were creating the initial bluestone circle after radiocarbon dating.

Ms. Willis stated the following. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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