Children are becoming more creative and problem solvers as a result of new curricular additions.


Children are becoming more creative and problem solvers as a result of new curricular additions.

A BRAND-NEW addition to the school curriculum is assisting students in improving their math, problem-solving, creative thinking, and teamwork skills.

Coding is a relatively new addition to the curriculum, but it turns out there’s a lot more to learning code than just a bunch of perplexing numbers. It’s defined as “the study of algorithmic processes, computational machines, and computation itself,” which sounds complicated but is actually rather useful.

Children who have been taught computer science abilities are more likely to be better in math, problem solving, creative thinking, teamwork, and even time management, according to an OKdo study.

The complete report, titled “Broader Benefits of Leading to Code,” includes surveys of nearly 7,000 UK parents with children aged five to sixteen, as well as active primary and secondary school instructors.

It was discovered that 96 percent of teachers have witnessed firsthand proof that teaching computer science to youngsters helps them acquire other useful talents in addition to conventional IT knowledge.

Furthermore, 82 percent of teachers believe it enhances a child’s problem-solving abilities, 68 percent believe it helps build arithmetic skills, and 60 percent believe it improves a child’s capacity to think creatively.

Parents who had their children study coding rated their child’s math, writing, creative thinking, communication, and teamwork abilities as “above average for their age,” compared to parents whose children hadn’t yet dabbled in the field of computer science.

According to the findings, coding can assist children improve their math skills while also allowing them to be more creative with their new ideas. It also necessitates a great deal of problem solving through the analysis and resolution of complicated difficulties, as well as communication skills (as it is essentially a new language) and a great deal of teamwork.

“Computer science education is fantastic for ‘starting with the goal in mind’ and then reverse engineering – taking logical steps, one at a time, to create a wider picture,” said Clare Ford, experienced educator and founder of SwitchedON! This method fosters a growth mindset.”

“We have always thought that computer science education gives students more than just the obvious IT skills — it also helps youngsters develop their confidence in teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and much more,” said Richard Curtin, SVP of technology at OKdo.

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