Changing weather: To become more dynamic, German thunderstorm names


The movement for equality in culture is part of Symbolic #WeatherCorrection.

Shift over, Siegfried.

After the boy of Turkish descent, a group of journalists called a low-pressure area that brings low temperatures, dark clouds and snow to Germany to increase the awareness of the increasingly diverse population of the country. Ahmet will be accompanied by low-pressure regions with Arabic, Kurdish and Greek names such as Cemal, Goran, Hakim and Dimitrios. Bożena, Chana or Dragica, names with Polish, Hebrew and South Slavic origins, will be the high-pressure areas that hit Germany early in the year. The naming of weather systems in Germany is not the sole province of meteorologists.

All can participate: naming a sunny high costs 360 euros, while naming a rainy low costs only 240 euros. The New German Media Producers, an organization of journalists from various backgrounds, have purchased some lows and some highs for the beginning of the year in order to make weather news cross-cultural, says Ferda Ataman, the leader of the party. “Until now, our weather has mostly had only typical German names, even though 26 percent of people in Germany have an immigrant background,” said Ataman, whose parents emigrated from Turkey. The weather naming project, named #WetterKorrektur by the community, is a symbolic initiative calling for the diversity of Germany to be better represented. The organization reports that in Germany, journalists of color are seriously underrepresented in the media. They estimate that only 5 to 10 percent of Germany’s reporters and editors have an immigrant history. The low- and high-pressure systems will still have several common German names in 2021, including Reinhard, Volker, Margarethe, Trudi and Waltraud. In the past, there were still traditionally female names in the cloudy low-pressure systems and the high-pressure systems were male, but that was

Since then, each year, male and female names have changed positions in the high and low categories.


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