Changes to car taxes: As part of a new climate strategy, drivers may face a ‘phased increase’ in rates.


Changes to car taxes: As part of a new climate strategy, drivers may face a ‘phased increase’ in rates.

CHANGES IN CAR TAXES could be implemented in Scotland shortly if climate activists succeed in getting their new ideas passed.

In order to reduce emissions, Scotland’s Climate Assembly has proposed a “phased rise in road fees for private car use.” The funds would subsequently be used to subsidize public transportation, according to analysts.

The Assembly cautioned that the fee would have a “significant impact” on drivers and families by restricting automobile ownership.

They claimed the adjustments would have to be eased gradually to avoid “discrimination” against individuals who rely on cars.

They warn that some exceptions may apply, but they don’t elaborate on what a charge would include.

“Transportation is one of the primary drivers of carbon emissions in both production and use,” said Scotland’s Climate Assembly.

“The goal of this advice is to gradually reduce the number of automobiles on the road, cutting emissions caused by car manufacture and use.

“This tax may also encourage people to limit their car ownership to one per household, as well as promote fuel switching and the adoption of alternative modes of transportation.

“We do recognize, however, that this would need to be phased in so that individuals who are currently car-dependent are not disadvantaged.

“Some exclusions may be necessary in the interest of fairness.”

A total of 85% of Assembly members voted in favor of developing and implementing a fair and transparent tax system that cuts carbon emissions.

However, 63 percent of Assembly members voted in favor of raising road fees, with the proceeds going to public transportation subsidies.

Taxes on high-carbon aviation fuels and a new carbon tax regime in which polluters pay for every tonne of CO2 released received more support.

In order to achieve carbon net-zero status by 2045, the Climate Assembly suggested 81 amendments for Scottish ministers to consider.

Plans to put rail travel “at the core” of the transportation system are among the other ideas.

Subsidizing rail infrastructure to make it a “more cheap” source of transportation could accomplish this.

They also suggested introducing a “Oyster card for Scotland” to encourage more people to use public transportation.

Within six months, Scottish Ministers must issue a statement outlining how they would respond to the advice.


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