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Bugatti’s ‘Baby II’ is a 75% replica of the 1920s Type 35 racer

Bespoke car-maker Bugatti has made a return to the electric car market after 89-year hiatus with the launch of a 75 per cent scale ‘toy’ replica of its famous Type 35 racer.

The not-quite-full-size modern incarnation of the Type 35, which won the 1926 Grand Prix World Championship, is not intended as a road-going vehicle, despite a price tag reaching up to €58,500 (£53,000).  

The toy that costs more than a full-size Nissan Leaf, Europe’s most popular all-electric car, is a very on-brand move for Bugatti, which often flogs cars for north of £1million.  

The comparatively cheap ‘Baby II’ is aimed at either gadget-loving millionaires or the children of the world’s wealthiest individuals. 


The Baby II is a rekindling of the original Baby, which was made by the German company’s founder Ettore Bugatti in 1926 for his four-year-old son, Roland.

The original Baby was a half-scale replica of the Type 35 and a total of 500 were sold between 1927 and 1936.

The last time Bugatti made an electric car was when it produced the Type 56, a now uber-rare model which was last manufactured in 1931. 

There are three specification levels for the overpriced toy, with the cheapest, dubbed ‘Base’, coming with a 1.4Kwh battery pack. 

This has two settings — Novice or Expert— which a parent can enforce depending on the driving capabilities of the youngster behind the wheel. 

In Expert mode, the battery pack’s full might is unleashed and 5.4-horsepower propels the car to 30mph. 

In Novice mode, this is throttled back to a maximum of 1.3 horsepower, resulting in a tepid top speed of 12mph. 

This model has a maximum range of around 15 miles and only comes in the classic blue.

However, the upgraded version, the Vitesse, comes in a variety of colours for both the exterior paint and the interior’s upholstery. 

The Vitesse has a 13.4 horsepower electric motor and a 2.8kWh battery pack allowing for a top speed of up to 42mph and a range of 31 miles.  

Those wanting the top-of-the-range ‘Pur Sang’ model will have to shell out €58,500 (£53,000) to the Volkswagen-owned French firm. 

For this hefty price tag, the Baby II comes with a hand-formed body, Bugatti says. 

Much like the original Baby a century ago, only 500 of the vehicles will be made, and most are already accounted for.   

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