Brian Pinker is the first to have obtained the Covid-19 vaccine from OxfordAstraZeneca


The eighty-two-year-old local man at Oxford University Hospital is the first person to be vaccinated
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At Oxford University Hospital, NHS England, eighty-two-year-old dialysis patient Brian Pinker is the first person to be vaccinated with the new Covid-19 vaccine from Oxford/AstraZeneca, NHS England says: “I’m so pleased to be getting the Covid vaccine today and really proud that it was invented in Oxford. The nurses, doctors and staff today have all been brilliant and I can now really look forward to celebrating my 48th wedding anniversary with my wife Shirley later this year,” “Here at Churchill Hospital in Oxford, just a few hundred yards from where it was developed, it was a real privilege to be able to administer the first Oxford vaccine. “In the coming weeks, we look forward to vaccinating many more patients and health and care providers with the Oxford vaccine, which will make a big difference to people in the communities we serve and the staff who care for them.


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