Brian Cox claims that science has ‘ruled out’ the existence of the human soul at the particle level.


Brian Cox claims that science has ‘ruled out’ the existence of the human soul at the particle level.

According to renowned scientist Brian Cox, life after death doctrines fail under scientific scrutiny because particle physics has “ruled out” the notion of people having a soul.

The jury is still out on whether life after death is real, therefore questions about the afterlife remain unanswered. Based on anecdotal evidence and accounts from so-called near-death experiences, or NDEs, many people claim to know what occurs when we die. People who have been on the verge of death often describe flashes of dazzling lights or memories of seeing their loved ones who have passed away.

People who have experienced a near-death experience or who have been declared clinically dead while on the operating table frequently recount NDEs.

In some cases, like as the man who claimed he met Satan in hell, the visions and memories are extremely detailed.

Residual brain activity or chemical reactions triggered by extreme trauma have been proposed as explanations by medical research.

Brian Cox, a particle physicist and TV host, has taken the debate a step further by explaining why there is no demonstrable proof that humans have souls that can carry on after death.

The popstar-turned-scientist went on the Joe Rogan Podcast, where he explored, among other things, the idea of humans having souls.

According to him, the soul is the only observable factor that interacts with the human body at the subatomic level.

If such a force existed within us, it would react violently with the particles that make up our bodies.

Instead, physicists have only detected gravity, the weak and strong nuclear forces, and electromagnetism as the four fundamental forces that control this world.

None of these forces could explain how a soul may be confined inside a body.

It is, in my opinion, ruled out.

University of Manchester’s Brian Cox

Professor Cox, who lectures at the University of Manchester’s School of Physics and Astronomy, stated, “So, here is my arm.” Electrons, protons, and neutrons make up the nucleus.

“If I have a soul in there, it’s a new form of energy or whatever it is that we don’t have in physics right now,” she says.

“Because I’m moving my hand about, it interacts with matter.

“Whatever it is, it is something that has a strong interaction with matter.”

Professor Cox went on to add that scientists had made significant progress. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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