Biden retaliates! As tensions with Russia and China rise, the US displays lethal technology.


Biden retaliates! As tensions with Russia and China rise, the US displays lethal technology.

JOE BIDEN appears to have retaliated against Russia and China following the US Air Force’s display of an unannounced spy plane.

The US Air Force’s Profession of Arms Center of Excellence (PACE) has uploaded a YouTube video titled “Heritage Today — ISR and Innovation,” which appears to highlight top-secret US ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) projects. The short video depicts the ISR mission’s evolution since its inception. The RQ-4 Global Hawk is depicted first, followed by the RQ-180 aircraft. The RQ-180 is known as the ‘Great White Bat,’ and it is thought that this model was seen over the Philippines in 2021.

After that, a sleek and stealthy-looking aircraft appears in a hanger, which appears to be shaped similarly to the SR-71 successor, the Lockheed SR-72, dubbed the “Son of Blackbird.”

The SR-72 is a hypersonic intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and strike platform that operates autonomously.

While little is known about this aircraft other than rumors of sightings from time to time, a first flight is expected around 2025.

In a demonstration of what appears to be a command center, the video also reveals the outline of the mysterious X-37B spaceplane.

While the X-37B is a space-based weapons platform that can be pre-deployed into orbit armed with a weaponized re-entry vehicle, there has been conjecture that it is a space-based weapons platform. According to certain theories, this might be launched over or near a designated target.

However, the majority of analysts have dismissed this notion.

Others believe it might be utilized as an intelligence collecting platform.

This could involve civilian and military signals intelligence, such as communications and surveillance satellite activities.

This, according to analysts, is the most plausible explanation.

However, these revelations come at a time when US-Russian and Chinese tensions in space and on the ground are at an all-time high.

Russia issued a scary threat to NATO earlier this week, threatening to shoot up 32 of its satellites.

According to Russian state media, Moscow’s anti-satellite (ASAT) missiles could destroy NATO satellites and “blind all their missiles, planes, and ships, not to mention ground forces.”

The warning came in reaction to Washington’s “severe worries” about the presence of 100,000 Russian troops on the Ukrainian-Russian border, with Joe Biden pondering military help to Ukraine.

Last week, Russia outraged the US by conducting an ASAT missile test that launched 1500 missiles. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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