Before COP26, Keir Starmer slams the SNP, calling Glasgow a “crisis” and a “failure of leadership.”


Before COP26, Keir Starmer slams the SNP, calling Glasgow a “crisis” and a “failure of leadership.”

SIR KEIR STARMER has slammed the SNP-led Glasgow City Council ahead of the crucial COP26 meeting, claiming that the city is in a “trash catastrophe” as a result of “leadership failure.”

Both Sir Keir and Prime Minister Boris Johnson were in Scotland this week, promoting their environmental credentials ahead of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November. The United Kingdom has been chosen to host the worldwide UN meeting, at which countries will outline plans to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, Sir Keir claims that the host city is facing a “trash crisis” as a result of the SNP council’s unwillingness to lead.

“Workers and communities have been left to live and work in unsafe conditions,” he continued in a tweet late Sunday night.

“The world is watching Glasgow, and the Scottish Government must act now to guarantee that the city is ready to host COP26.”

It comes after a video of rats floating in a bin, shot in Maryhill, went popular online.

The GMB trade union published the distressing footage as new calls for more respect and better pay for Glasgow City Council cleaning personnel are made.

The city is also said to have the UK’s fourth-highest rat population.

It came after a report by GlasgowLive claiming that the cleansing workers union had committed a “serious health and safety breach,” calling the situation a “environmental catastrophe.”

“Maryhill Housing Association has been performing pest management around these properties,” a Glasgow City Council representative said in reaction to the footage. Pest control measures at these addresses have not been implemented by Glasgow City Council.

“Our employees have not reported a rat problem at these locations, as they are required to do for their own safety.

“At these homes, we empty the bins every four days, and the bin courts, in our experience, are kept in good condition.

“It’s unclear how this particular occurrence occurred. This episode, in our opinion, does not provide a good starting point for a conversation about Glasgow’s overall cleansing system.”

“We are very thankful to all key personnel who have helped to sustain essential services across Scotland throughout the pandemic,” a spokeswoman for the Scottish Government said.

Individual councils are responsible for managing their own budgets and allocating the financial resources available to them based on.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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