As Virgin Galactic’s launch flight creates history, Richard Branson sends a message from space.


As Virgin Galactic’s launch flight creates history, Richard Branson sends a message from space.

During his maiden voyage with Virgin Galactic, RICHARD BRANSON was able to transmit his first telegram from space.

Virgin Billionaire Richard Branson made history today when he launched Virgin Galactic into orbit for the first time. Mr Branson delivered a message of congratulations and gratitude to Earth during the voyage, named Unity 22. He appreciated all of the hard work that went into the project and expressed confidence in Virgin Galactic’s future prospects.

Mr Branson’s message was not totally audible, although he could be heard stating it was a “once in a lifetime experience.”

After successfully sending a crew of four people into space and landing, Virgin Galactic has become the world’s first space tourism enterprise.

“This is a watershed moment for Virgin Galactic,” said Michael Colglazier, the company’s CEO.

“This is a watershed event for the emerging commercial space industry, and it is unquestionably a watershed moment for our creator, Sir Richard Branson.”


On Sunday, he said, the company’s work was focused on “offering up space to all.”

Sir Richard, 70, and a crew of three flight specialists took off from Virgin Galactic’s headquarters of operations in New Mexico, reaching a height of more than 50 miles.

As a result of exceeding the American criterion for spaceflight, the Virgin Galactic crew has received astronaut wings.

Tourists are anticipated to spend $250,000 (£180,000) for a Virgin Galactic voyage that includes four minutes in zero gravity.

The mission launched from New Mexico at 3.40 p.m. BST, 100 minutes later than planned.

The business was obliged to postpone and put the flight time back due to bad weather in the launch location overnight.

Virgin Galactic isn’t the only firm working to make space travel more accessible.

Sir Richard’s main rival, Jeff Bezos, is also planning a launch into space later this month.

With his company Blue Origin and the New Shepard rocket, the former Amazon CEO will take off on a suborbital trip.

Blue Origin recently launched a blistering marketing campaign criticizing Virgin Galactic’s spaceflight credentials.


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