As climate campaigners descend on Glasgow, Nicola Sturgeon’s COP26 has been chastised as the “most exclusive.”


As climate campaigners descend on Glasgow, Nicola Sturgeon’s COP26 has been chastised as the “most exclusive.”

After over 2,000 attendees reported they still can’t find affordable lodging for the COP26 meeting this November, climate campaigners shamed NICOLA STURGEON for holding the “most discriminatory” climate conference ever.

The COP26 Homestay Network, which was started in May, aims to connect local hosts from around Scotland’s central belt with individuals attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, including activists, scientists, and non-governmental organizations. However, the organization has only matched 211 travelers with local hosts so far. There are 1,783 persons on the waiting list who have not been able to secure a hotel room for the summit.

Put an end to the Climate Crisis. Scotland and the COP26 Coalition, who established the network, are concerned that official delegates from poorer countries and people hoping to attend events concurrent with the summit may be unable to secure reasonable lodging.

They claim that at previous summits, local governments assisted by collaborating with activists to put up hostel-style accommodations, converting gym halls and community centers into bunk halls, in order to provide more affordable housing.

The campaigners have now chastised Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government for failing to follow suit, despite acknowledging that COVID-19 limits have complicated matters.

Rituraj Phukan, the founder of the Indigenous Peoples Climate Justice Forum in India, was able to locate a room through the COP26 Homestay Network, but he said he knew a number of individuals who were having trouble finding a place to stay.

“Many of my colleagues representing indigenous peoples’ organizations are concerned about the lack of vaccination access, travel restrictions, and lodging,” he said.

“It’s impossible for anyone outside the global south to comprehend the impact climate change is already having on our communities.

“It would be terribly unjust if they are not represented because they have nowhere to stay.”

Friends of the Earth Scotland’s head of campaigns, Mary Church, said that the conference is shaping up to be the “most discriminatory COP yet.”

“If the UK Government insists on going through with it, despite appeals for a further postponement this week, they must consider how to safely facilitate and shelter those traveling to Glasgow to influence and participate in the summit,” she added.

The Homestay Network has also stated that potential tourists should be aware of this. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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