As a prominent space lawyer ‘validates’ a 12-year claim, the UK is ‘first in line’ to possess Mars land.


As a prominent space lawyer ‘validates’ a 12-year claim, the UK is ‘first in line’ to possess Mars land.

According to assertions exclusively given to This website, the UK is “first in line” for legal consideration of landing on Mars, as a report by a prominent space lawyer “validates” a 12-year-long attempt.

Dr. Philip Davies, a Hampshire-based general practitioner, is on a mission to prevent Mars from “getting into the wrong hands.” For more than a decade, he has been aiming a laser at Mars to draw attention to the need for an amendment to the Outer Space Treaty. The 53-year-old agreement prohibits the deployment of nuclear weapons in space, restricts the use of celestial bodies to peaceful purposes, and states that no nation has sovereignty over outer space or any celestial body.

Dr. Davies explained to This website how his company, Mars Register Ltd, has been “showering” the planet with “very high powered lasers,” resulting in billions of photons hitting the surface.

Occasionally, a molecule of CO2 is liberated from the soil, which appears to be sufficient to begin the process of “improving” unclaimed land.

“The effect of such powerful lasers on the geo-atmosphere of Mars is quite minimal; it is a distinct but minor beneficial influence — we unleash more CO2 molecules into the Martian atmosphere,” he explained.

Dr. Davies now tells This website that his assertion, along with the claims of 180,000 others on the ‘Mars Register,’ has been “confirmed” in a report by renowned space expert Professor Frans von der Dunk.

“You can’t own land in space right now because the law doesn’t allow it,” the 55-year-old remarked.

“However, possession is different; modern international law recognizes that showing possession is the proper method to gaining ownership.

“There has never been an attempt to show up and claim ownership. “Yes, we have.”

Prof. von der Dunk is the Director of Public Relations for the International Institute of Space Law, which advises NASA, ESA, the EU, and the United Nations on their space activities.

He gave Dr. Davies two studies, one a 13-page document titled “Legal Reality Check” on the claim’s legal standing.

Due to the Outer Space Treaty, Prof von der Dunk confessed to This website that “neither I, nor anyone else can [currently]‘validate’ his claim that he owns Mars.”

“That does not mean his assertion is illegal, in the.”Brinkwire Summary News,” he noted.


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