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Are these the new Apple Glasses? Designer shares concept video of the tech giant’s smart specs

Apple has long been rumored to be developing augmented reality smart specs to pair with its first-ever 5G iPhone and a concept video shows what the futuristic headset might look like. 

A designer created his vision of Apple Glasses that are showed in a black frame around a long, clear lens, which displays an interface on the inside that is only visible to the wearer.

Users can touch the virtual screen to open apps, surf the web, swipe through picture or any other tasks possible on an iPhone.

Although the video is just a concept, other leaks about Apple Glasses have suggested that the technology could be announced as soon as next year.

 Concept design / Just imagine Sun mode can transform regular glasses  into sunglasses  also you can blur background environment to focus on the interface

A post shared by Iskander Utebayev (@bat.not.bad) on Jul 25, 2020 at 5:11pm PDT

The stunning Apple Glasses concept was created by designer Iskander Utebayev, who shared the video on Instagram, as first reported on by The Sun.

‘Just imagine. Sun mode transforms regular glasses into sunglasses also you can blur background environment to focus on the interface,’ Utebayev shared in the post with the video.

The short clip displays shows the glasses if viewers had them on their face.

When you put the glasses on, the interface is activated and displays an iPhone screen on the lens, and there is also a virtual keyboard that appears.

Apple has long been said to be secretly working on its own smart glasses system and the lasted news about the technology surfaced in May.

Leaker and technology analyst Jon Prosser said he saw two prototypes of the Apple Glasses at the company’s premises – one white and one black.

Both models, which are described as ‘clean’ and ‘slick’ in appearance, will be 5G-compatible, he said.

‘It’s really cool. From the front end, if you’re looking at someone that’s wearing Apple Glasses, and it’s displaying something on the screen, you can’t see it,’ Prosser told the technology podcast Gadget Cast.

‘They look like glasses – they don’t look like heavy machinery on your face, almost exactly what you would expect from Apple.’

Apple Glasses will have its own operating system called ‘Starboard’ according to Prosser, who is described as an Apple leaker ‘with sources throughout the company and supply chain’ by Apple Insider.

Either an iPhone or Apple Watch will be needed to set up a pair of Apple Glasses and also help extract sensor data.

Apple Glasses will have sensors in them, but just for more accurate calibration between CGI and the real world.

They will be able to take advantage of sensors in Apple Watch and iPhone, but will still work without either in close proximity, according to Prosser.

Apple Glasses are not sunglasses – meaning they could be marketed specifically towards glasses-wearers unless they come in a version with clear glass instead of prescription lenses.

The idea behind this is that they will act as a back-up device that people are less likely to forget when they leave their house, either as a style accessory or, more vitally, to be able to see.

The tech giant has long been rumored to be developing its own pair of smart glasses, following the lead of products such as Microsoft Hololens 2 and Snapchat’s line of ‘Spectacles’.

But making Apple Glasses look more like normal glasses instead of a clunky headset could make them more appealing to the consumer market.

Apple is planning to announce the new specs at an event in March or June 2021, Prosser claims.

This would follow the launch of the company’s first 5G iPhone, the iPhone 12, which is expected to be revealed this October.

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