Archaeologists have made a breakthrough after discovering the source of King Solomon’s wealth.


Archaeologists have made a breakthrough after discovering the source of King Solomon’s wealth.

ARCHAEOLOGISTS believe they have discovered the source of King Solomon’s “legendary” wealth in Israel’s Timna desert.

The ancient history of the region that includes Israel, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt is extensive. Archaeologists have discovered dozens of artifacts from hundreds to thousands of years ago in Israel’s deserts. Shepherds discovered a series of writings in jars near Qumran in the mid-twentieth century, and this is perhaps the most renowned discovery.

The parchments, later known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, included text dating back to the eighth century BCE.

The Timna Valley is located further south in the Israeli desert.

In 1964, archaeologists started excavating the ancient site.

Since then, researchers have unearthed a network of mines believed to have been operated by slaves during King Solomon’s reign, which was featured on the Smithsonian Channel’s “Secrets: King Solomon’s Mines.”

Archaeologists “may have unearthed” the source of his famous fortune, according to the documentary’s narrator.

Professor Erez Ben-Yosef of Tel Aviv University has discovered that production at the location was growing 3,000 years ago during Solomon’s reign.

The mines, on the other hand, are not filled with gold or silver, but with copper.

Evidence of large copper manufacturing may be seen all around the site.


Prof Ben-Yosef, holding a chunk of black rock, explained, “All of the black material is slag, it’s waste from the furnaces.”

“This is critical evidence supporting Timna’s ancient copper production.”

While copper is now a common commodity, it was once one of the most valuable metals on the planet.

Prof Ben-Yosef went on to say, “Copper was the most important economic resource at this time in history.”

“This was the most profitable business.”

Dr. Mohammad Najjar of Jordan’s Friends of Archaeology noted that the metal was similar to crude oil back then.

“Because you can’t live without oil, and you couldn’t live without copper at the time,” he explained.

Copper was at the center of a pivotal moment in human history.

People were extracting metals from rock for the first time and using them to make tools and weapons.

As people began to make their own materials, Dr. Najjar described the moment as a “quantum leap.”

He researched ancient copper methods and demonstrated how Solomon’s troops would have worked the natural copper found in the caverns in the video.

Once mined, the metal was separated from its natural ore by a process known as smelting. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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