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Animal Crossing Update: Swim and dive in the Nintendo Switch game

Nintendo have announced a free Animal Crossing summer update and we can’t wait for it to go live next week on July 3 2020. 

The exciting new update will allow you to swim and dive in the ocean surrounding your island, encounter new characters ,and learn a bunch of new DIY recipes.

So if you’ve been longing for a swim in the sea or waiting to pick up a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, now might be the best time to join in the fun.

Even better, it’s only wave one of the summer updates, with wave two arriving on the Nintendo Switch game in early August 2020. There is also the first of this summer’s bug-off competitions, which kickstarted on June 27.

The Animal Crossing Twitter account akaTom Nook tweeted: ‘[Announcement] Cool off this summer by diving into the #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons free Summer Update – Wave 1, arriving 7/3! Put on your wet suit to dive & swim in the ocean, and even meet new characters! Stay tuned for info on Wave 2, planned for release in early August.’

Similar to Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the handheld Nintendo 3DS console, the new swimming and diving features allows players switch into a diving suit and explore the ocean for additional sea creatures.

These can either be donated to Blathers in the museum, sold for Bells at Nook’s Cranny, or perhaps even crafted into new in-game items for you to add to your catalogue.

Already encountered the character Gulliver? Well the seagull, who unpredictably washes up on your beach from time to time, appears to be donning a new red outfit as opposed to his standard blue sailor apparel.

The latest update also sees the return of sea otter Pascal, who will trade you new DIY recipes in return for scallops. It also seems that the new DIY recipes include mermaid-themed homewares, clothing and accessories.

At this time, we can only speculate what wave 2 of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons summer update, which is coming early August, 2020, will bring us. Based on what’s included in this latest update, let’s hope there will be even more events, characters and items coming our way.  

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