Ancient Myanmar monument ‘defies gravity,’ according to archaeologists.


Ancient Myanmar monument ‘defies gravity,’ according to archaeologists.

The gravity-defying Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, as well as the ancient legend surrounding its construction, have astounded archaeologists.

The Golden Rock, also known as the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, is a well-known Buddhist pilgrimage site in Myanmar’s Mon State.

It is located on the Paung-laung ridge of the Eastern Yoma mountains, on top of the Kyaiktiyo hill (also known as Kelasa hills or Eastern Yoma mountains).

Its origins and story, shrouded in clouds, tantalize visitors and pilgrims with a tantalizing taste of mystery and mythology.

The rock is 25 feet tall and perches perilously on the edge of an abyss.

It appears perplexing, almost impossible to the untrained eye, but it is proof of the divine to the faithful.

Its devotees believe that Buddha’s miraculous powers are responsible for the rock’s balance.

A strand of the Buddha’s hair is said to be placed between the rock and the hill it sits on, assisting it in maintaining its balance.

Few Burmese question the construction’s engineering, preferring to focus on the mythology surrounding it.

The more myth and miracles surround a location, the more important it is to pray there.

The Smithsonian Channel’s documentary ‘Wonders of Burma: Shrines of Gold’ explored its story and history, with the narrator remarking on its “gravity defying” nature.

“It’s a natural wonder made sacred by stories,” they explained.

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The legend begins with a kingdom that existed a thousand years ago in the ‘Upper Mon’ region.

One day, the king came across a buddhist hermit who offered the king a strand of hair from inside his hat that was said to belong to the Buddha.

The hermit demanded that the hair be enshrined in a pagoda built on a rock shaped like his head in exchange.

His father, a skilled alchemist, and mother, a naga serpent dragon princess, had bestowed supernatural abilities on the king.

He enlisted the help of Thagyamin Sakra, who discovered the perfect rock at the ocean’s bottom.

He used a boat to transport the rock from the seafloor to the top of the mountain after pulling it from the seafloor.

The king built a pagoda on top of the mountain after balancing the rock and enshrined the buddhist’s hair inside.

The rock was transported by boat, which has now been converted into a.

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