An ancient alien civilisation ‘lives in Antarctica,’ according to a UFO researcher.


An ancient alien civilisation ‘lives in Antarctica,’ according to a UFO researcher.

A curious UFO researcher claims he was’messing around with Google Earth’ when he discovered an underground ‘ancient alien structure’ buried beneath Antarctica.

On Google Earth, a UFO enthusiast discovered what he believes is a secret base built by ancient aliens in Antarctica.

The mysterious south pole site, which appears to be made up of several large ridges in the snow and can be seen in satellite photos, appears to have been there for decades.

Large excavations appear to have taken place at the site, as do vehicles and a number of tracks in the snow leading to it.

Between the 1985 and 2013 images, there appears to have been some development, with an aircraft landing strip added next to the strange mounds.

Scott C Waring of Taiwan, who posted video of his surprise discovery to the UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel this week, believes the sighting is proof of a deep underground ancient alien structure that has been studied and kept hidden from the public.

“Guys, I was messing around with Google Earth map when I found something strange,” he wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.

I discovered the location of an ancient alien structure that had been buried.

“When I changed the time of the photos, an earlier photo revealed a freshly constructed airport runway, dozens of trailers, tractors, and what appears to be a mound being excavated by scientists and military personnel.

Underneath the snow and ice, I believe they discovered an ancient alien structure.”

Scott also revealed a second find from his time messing around with Antarctica maps, which he claims resembles the face of Jesus Christ and was “deliberately” placed there.

According to his blog, this proves that Jesus was an extraterrestrial who came to Earth to “instill morals and rules” in order to aid “chaotic early humans in their quest for enlightenment.”

Scott claimed that both geographic phenomena, which are located close to a shaded’standing man’ figure on an Antarctic mountain he shared with viewers last year, were proof that an ancient alien civilisation once existed at the south pole.

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