All of the Science Fiction, Superhero, and Fantasy TV Shows Set to Premiere in 2022 (So Far)


So far, here is a list of all the science fiction, superhero, and fantasy television shows that will air in 2022.

Let’s take a look ahead to all the fun shows that will be debuting—or returning—on television in the coming months, as well as what’s to come.

We’ve got movies to look forward to and streaming favorites to binge watch, but what’s good and on TV in 2022? io9 has a preview of what to expect in sci-fi and fantasy TV in the first few months of 2022—as well as a taste of a few things we know are coming later this year.

Of course, this isn’t a complete list of everything that’s coming out this year—we’ll keep updating it as new shows are announced—and any and all premiere dates are subject to change.

But without further ado, let’s get started…

Friendships that Laugh (Jan.

9, Adult Swim) – The down-on-their-luck employees of a company dedicated to bringing smiles to the world attempt to do so, only to discover that nothing is ever as simple as it appears.

Naomi is a young woman who was born in January of this year.

11, The CW) – Kaci Walfall plays the superpowered teen title character in this Ava DuVernay-directed adaptation of the Brian Michael Bendis, David F Walker, and Jamal Campbell-created DC Comics series.

Lois & Superman (Jan.

11, The CW) – This Arrowverse show about Clark Kent, Lois Lane, their teen sons Jonathan and Jordan, and all the other superpowered (and non-superpowered) characters they interact with in Smallville is now in its second season.

Batwoman (returning from hiatus, Jan.

12, The CW) – In the second half of season 3, Ryan is back in action and on the hunt for a Gotham legend in the form of Poison Ivy.

Legends of Tomorrow (returning after a hiatus in January)

12, The CW) – As the Legends return for even more time shenanigans, things change in time but remain the same for them.

Short Horror Stories in Two Sentences (Jan.

16, The CW) – The horror anthology series, which consists of short films made independently of one another, is back for a third season.

The World Is Saved by Astrid and Lily (Jan.

16, Syfy) – This new series follows a pair of adolescent misfits who unintentionally open a portal to a parallel universe.

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