After’rewriting the ancient world’s understanding,’ the discovery of Stonehenge astounded researchers.


After’rewriting the ancient world’s understanding,’ Stonehenge’s discovery stunned researchers.

According to an archaeologist working at the site, STONEHENGE provided researchers with an unprecedented find that “rewrites our understanding of the ancient world.”

The story of the stone circle will be told in a major exhibition at the British Museum.

More than 250 relics and artefacts from six European countries and the United Kingdom have been donated to help tell the story, which is set in the context of a period marked by massive social and technological change.

Between 3,000 and 1,500 BC, Stonehenge was built in stages, spanning the Neolithic to the Bronze Age.

While we know the dates, researchers have been stumped for years as to why Stonehenge was built in the first place.

Its massive size indicates that it was extremely important to the ancient people who constructed it, and its purpose has been a source of speculation for centuries.

It was known to be used for the two solstices, as a way to observe the sky and the seasons changing.

Huge excavations in recent years have uncovered the remains of a number of humans in and around the site, indicating that it was once used as a burial ground.

This is consistent with the findings of osteoarchaeologist Jackie McKinley, whose work was featured in a Discovery UK documentary about Stonehenge.

Many of the remains found at the site have been studied by her.

There are approximately 300 to 400 burials in the general Stonehenge area, the majority of which are scattered within small mounds.

Two remains in particular stood out to her among those she had worked with: a young and an elderly man, both of whom were interred with “rare” metalwork.

The men had traveled a long way to get to Stonehenge, according to analysis.

While the younger man was most likely born in the area, he later lived in Central Europe, in what is now Germany.

The older man, who was brutally decapitated, was from Germany, prompting Ms McKinley to speculate that the two were possibly coworkers; metalworkers or jewellers, given that ancient people were frequently buried with items related to their trade.

Both men had moved to Stonehenge to create and sell their wares, she claimed, so Stonehenge was for her.

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