After death, an NDE survivor watched a 20-minute film of his life as he died.


After death, an NDE survivor watched a 20-minute film of his life as he died.

A MAN has described how seeing a guy seated next to him while seeing an operation on his thumb transformed his life.

In a near-death experience that prompted new debate about the afterlife, Scott Drummond was clinically dead for twenty minutes. Mr Drummond claimed that the encounter taught him “where I’m sitting with my family and where I’m positioned with my Father in Heaven.”

Mr Drummond revealed on Prioritize Your Life how he felt something moving up his arm and crossing into his heart as the process began, before seeing his own body from above and observing the procedure.

“I wasn’t alone; there was someone standing alongside me watching,” he claimed.

“I’m not sure if this is typical, but I was watching every stitch that was inserted into my thumb.

“I saw the nurse run out of the room screaming that I killed him, which I’m sure gave her a lot of anxiety because what she did wasn’t working.

“Even though I had never seen the person sitting next to me, I sat next to him as if I knew who he was.

“And there was no talking; everything was done with the thought.

“I could hear what the doctor was doing, but I could never hear what the person was saying face to face, even if it was right next to me.”

Mr Drummond recalls being informed that it was time to leave and that he should never look back.

But then he found himself in a field, sitting next to the person who had been with him.

“And I looked over to the left and there were some great big tall trees, and I remember they were the oddest looking trees,” he continued.

“They had a big trunk with a lot of leaves on top, and then to the right of that, which was still to the left of me, there were wild flowers, just lovely wild flowers, and they were up to my waist.

“And I just remember looking at how lovely the flowers are because one of my favorite things to do is yard maintenance and gardening, and I just remembered how vibrant the colors were.


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