After blaming a Scottish oil field on Johnson, Sturgeon said, “Can’t be trusted.”


After blaming a Scottish oil field on Johnson, Sturgeon said, “Can’t be trusted.”

NICOLA STURGEON has put Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the firing line after he refused to accept responsibility for the tumultuous Cambo oil project.

The First Minister has urged the government to review the project’s licenses, but has been chastised for only expressing interest now. Some speculate that this is merely a ploy to shift the blame to Mr Johnson while she hides from the spotlight. A teenage campaigner from the Bahamas, O’niel Leadon, told This website exclusively that Ms Sturgeon’s statements should be taken with a grain of salt.

“I recognize that you need a certain level of elegance during your term on the political landscape,” he remarked.

“However, I believe it is critical for someone like her, who is attempting to gain the kind of political authority she seeks, to maintain a firm stance and demonstrate that she can be trusted.”

“I believe that right now, especially among my British friends, people do not have the impression that they can trust her.”

“By not explicitly denouncing the Cambo oil field, it does not give the impression that it is a problem that directly affects them.”

The Cambo oil field is located approximately 75 miles west of Shetland and holds over 800 million barrels of oil.

The government issued an exploration license in 2001, and drilling might begin next year if the Oil and Gas Authority gives its clearance.

With August, a group of campaigners confronted Ms Sturgeon, asking why she was allowing “huge firms to profit from filthy energy.” “in relation to the oil industry

Ms Sturgeon had previously expressed support for Scotland’s oil and gas industry.

Ms. Sturgeon has only recently chosen to oppose the project after striking a deal with the Scottish Greens that could pave the path for independence.

“We should not be moving ahead with giving the green light to new oil exploitations,” she told Sky News. That’s something I’ve stated to Cambo.

“I don’t have the authority to make a decision in this case since it concerns the United Kingdom.

“I’ve outlined a procedure for him to properly examine the project in light of the current strict climate change criteria.

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