According to a sleuth, unearthed ‘CIA correspondence’ indicates that a UFO crash in 1962 ‘killed two aliens.’


According to a sleuth, unearthed ‘CIA correspondence’ indicates that a UFO crash in 1962 ‘killed two aliens.’

Fascinating documents purport to demonstrate contact between the Argentinian Navy and the CIA, fueling long-held rumors of a UFO crash in 1962 involving two dead aliens.

The CIA was eager to investigate a puzzling story of a crash in Argentina for its probable connection to UFOs, according to an astounding collection of ‘uncovered’ documents.

The user RozzGames submitted scanned letters claiming to be from the Argentinean Embassy to the US security service from 1962 in a thread on the discussion board website Reddit.

According to the images, Colonel Roberto Cesar Mullen and Richard Hall of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena exchanged letters.

According to the accompanying ‘Report on Unidentified Flying Objects,’ the Americans were curious about what had transpired in Bahia Blanca, near the Puerto Belgrano base on the country’s eastern coast.

It was around six months after a group of witnesses claimed to have seen a light object moving in an odd way in the sky.

Its cover letter says as follows: “Mr. Hall, I’d want to express my heartfelt gratitude I am glad to attach herewith a report prepared by the Naval Information Service in Buenos Aires in response to your letter of August 29 “..

“I hope it will be of assistance to you in your work. Please communicate to this office any and all conclusions of interest found in your particular expertise.” The report compiles witness accounts of a sighting in the sky on May 22 from a variety of sources, including an army gunner, a student, and a control tower officer.

These records, according to the user, would back up a rumored account from an unnamed’senior military officer’ in Argentina, who claimed that a UFO crashed near the base in May 1962.

The documents have not yet been verified to be official CIA or Argentinian government correspondence.

When military personnel inspected the crash site, they discovered two suspected alien ‘corpses’ onboard a strange craft, according to the commander. Both of them were removed from the scene.

How do you feel about the documents? Please let us know in the comments section below! On May 22, the commander stated that a navy doctor named Constantino Nez, whose name appears on one of the documents provided by the user, summoned him to the Military Hospital.

The two ‘aliens’ that died at the crash scene were described as’short in stature’ and’macrocephalic,’ which means they had a huge head.

After the military had completed their mission. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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