According to a respected researcher, the Arctic may have reached a point of no return.


According to a respected researcher, the Arctic may have reached a point of no return.

According to a top scientist who has delivered a dire warning to the earth, the arctic may have crossed the point of no return in terms of melting ice caps.

The Arctic regulates Earth’s temperature to a large extent, but a leading researcher has warned that it may have reached a tipping point. The chilly north pole aids in the freezing of water in the south pole, which helps to maintain sea levels.

It does, however, play a larger role in the world.

The continent’s white ice sheets help to bounce sun rays and heat back into space.

This keeps the Earth’s climate cool, whereas without it, temperatures may spiral out of control.

This is due to the darker ground beneath the frozen surface absorbing more sunlight when the snow and ice melt.

However, the scientist who led the world’s largest-ever Arctic expedition warns that melting ice in the world’s far north has reached a tipping point.

The seasonal sea ice may not rebound once it has passed the tipping point.

Markus Rex of Germany’s Alfred Wegener Institute will lead 200 scientists on a year-long expedition to the Arctic in 2020.

Experts received a firsthand glimpse at the havoc that global warming has wreaked on the Arctic, and the results aren’t promising.

Dr. Rex told AFP that Arctic sea ice has receded “faster in the spring of 2020 than since the beginning of records” and that “the summer spread of the sea ice was just half as wide as decades ago.”

According to their findings, the ice was half as thick as it had been in the 1890s, and temperatures were 10 degrees Celsius hotter.

The water was able to absorb more heat since there was less surface ice, resulting in record-breaking summers in the north pole.

“The removal of summer sea ice in the Arctic is one of the first landmines in this minefield, one of the first tipping points that we set off when we push global warming too far,” Dr. Rex stated.

“And one might wonder if we haven’t already trodden on this mine, setting off the start of the explosion.

“Only an appraisal in the coming years will allow us to evaluate if the year-round can still be saved.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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