Academics disclose how to tell whether you’re going to get divorced.


Academics disclose how to tell whether you’re going to get divorced.

RESEARCHERS have discovered a mathematical equation that can accurately predict if a marriage would divorce 90 percent of the time.

John Gottman, a psychologist, and James Murray, a math professor, recorded couples in long-term relationships having a fight for 15 minutes. They were able to score everything that happened throughout the dispute using the camera, including heart rate, blood pressure, facial expressions, and skin conductance.

They also took into account whether or not certain couples used humour, were open, or were arrogant and hostile.

Gottman and Murray developed an equation to predict whether a couple will divorce based on their data. According to the equation, it is 90% accurate.

So, take out your pen and paper, because here’s the formula:

Wt+1= w + RwWt+ IHM Wt+1= w + RwWt+ IHM Wt+1= w + (Ht)

This may appear to be nothing more than a jumble of numbers and letters, but we’ll break it down for you since it’s actually quite brilliant.

The Wt+1 denotes whether the wife’s next response in the argument will be positive or negative.

The w after the = represents the wife’s overall mood.

After that, you add it to the ‘RwWt,’ which stands for the wife’s mood with her husband.

Then you add IHM, which stands for the influence of the husband.

(Ht) at the conclusion of the equation denotes that you must also factor in the husband’s most recent action.

Gottman and Murray devised a coding scheme known as “SPAFF,” which stands for “Specific AFFect Coding System.” This approach will categorize everything you’ve said in your argument into codes. As a result, “defensiveness” will be a bad code, whereas “affection” or “humour” will be a positive code – it’s that simple.

Each response in the debate is worth a certain number of points. So, joy gets a +4, humour gets a +4, and interest gets a +2. Negative reactions will be penalized with a -4 point penalty for disdain and a -3 point penalty for disgust.

‘How does this work out if I’m going to get a divorce or not?’ you’re presumably thinking. The coding system and the equation, in general, are linked.

According to mathematician Hannah Fry, the last part of the equation, the husband’s influence and reaction, determines everything.

It’s all about putting positive and negative reactions into a. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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