A new study has discovered that dolphins have a fully functional clitoris.


Clitoris is fully functional in dolphins, according to a new study.

According to a group of researchers, everything about a dolphin’s clitoris indicates that it evolved to help them feel pleasure.

New research suggests that humans and dolphins have even more in common than previously thought.

Biologists claim to have discovered clear anatomical evidence that female dolphins have a fully functional clitoris that aids them in experiencing pleasure during sex, just as humans do.

Scientists may be able to use the findings to trace the evolutionary origins of the sexual organ and sex in general in the future.

Patricia Brennan, an assistant professor of biological sciences at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, and her colleagues have been researching the evolution of genitals in a variety of vertebrates.

They’ve recently focused on dolphins, marine mammals known for their playful and eerily human-like nature (in both good and bad ways).

In an email to Gizmodo, Brennan explained, “Dolphins have vaginal folds, and we were studying these folds to try to figure out their function and why they’re so diverse across species.”

“As we dissected all these vaginas, we noticed how well developed the clitoris was, so we decided to see how much we knew about it.”

Brennan and her colleagues were able to examine the clitoral tissue of 11 female bottlenose dolphins who died of natural causes.

They looked at the presence of nerve endings, muscles, and blood vessels in addition to the clitoris’ surface physical characteristics.

Everything they discovered pointed to a fully functional funmaker.

Brennan pointed out that the dolphin clitoris is relatively large and contains a large amount of erectile tissue and blood vessels, allowing it to engorge quickly.

Their clitoris also grows in size as a dolphin matures, similar to how a human’s clitoris does, and it’s surrounded by a band of connective tissue that helps it maintain its shape, indicating that it’s an important body part.

Perhaps most importantly, the dolphin clitoris is densely packed with nerve endings and other sensory receptors beneath its thin skin, both of which, according to Brennan, “are likely involved in a pleasure response like they are in humans.”

It’s no secret that some dolphin species appear to engage in sexual behaviors that aren’t strictly regulated.

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