A massive asteroid known as a’mega-comet’ is circling the sun.


A massive asteroid known as a’mega-comet’ is circling the sun.

AN ENORMOUS OBJECT is now circling the solar system, piqueing the attention of astronomers who are anticipating the object’s closest visit to Earth.

Something unusual has been discovered on the outside of the solar system, according to astronomers. What has been dubbed a “mega-comet” with a highly erratic orbit is currently passing in Earth’s neighborhood.

The object in question was only recently discovered, and specialists are still trying to figure out the finer points.

Astronomers discovered it very recently in data from the Dark Energy Survey, which collected data between 2014 and 2018.

The item has been given the designation 2014 UN271 and is a horrific creature.

The object’s width is estimated to be between 100 and 370 kilometers (62 and 230 miles).

According to citizen scientist Sam Deen, the size range indicates that it is most likely a huge comet or a small dwarf planet.

“[That] puts it on a similar magnitude, if not greater than, Sarabat’s massive comet C/1729 P1, and almost likely the largest Oort Cloud object yet identified — practically in dwarf planet territory!” he stated in a post on the Minor Planet Center.

The odd orbit of the object adds to its strangeness.

According to calculations, the object approaches the Sun before swinging out to the Oort Cloud, the solar system’s circumstellar disk of gas and dust.

As a result, completing a full circle of the object takes 612,190 years.

The object is currently 22 astronomical units (AU) away from the Sun; one AU equals the distance between Earth and the Sun.

Over the last seven years, however, it has averaged one AU per year.

According to citizen scientists, it will pass within 10.9 AU of the Sun in 2031.

This will get it quite close to Saturn’s orbit at its closest point.

Following that, it will continue its trek away from our host star and into the solar system’s depths.

“This new object, 2014 UN271, is not only odd, but fundamentally uncommon among all known bodies in the Solar System to date,” Mr Deen explained.

“It was discovered approximately 29 AU from the Sun and is currently roughly 22 AU distant, taking it from just beyond Saturn’s orbit.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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