21 things to look forward to in 2021 – from the Olympics to the meteor showers



It’s no longer 2020! In the past year, you may have found a few things to enjoy: you may have rediscovered your bike, or your family, or even both, and you may have grown to love trees.

And the clapping, don’t forget. Plus, in record time, a few clever scientists found out how to create a secure and reliable vaccine against a brand new virus. Overall, though, unless you have any government mates who gave you a contract to make PPE (even if you’re a gym teacher), or you’re Jeff Bezos, you need to put the whole shit show in the past.

Do one, 2020.2. Do one. A single sharp scratch …… A giant leap back to normal for mankind. (OK: two sharp scratches, but let’s not concentrate on the details.) If you’re not an anti-vaxxer, in 2021, there’s a fucking decent chance that you’re going to be vaccinated. You may have received the vaccine already, or at least the first dose of it.3. Unless he superglues himself to the Oval Office floor or mobilizes 70 million lunatics of the Second Amendment and stages an actual coup, the Orange One is truly out of the White House, and on January 20, Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States.

Spring Once again, the days are getting longer. You may have bulbs planted in the garden or in a window box that are already tentatively sprouting from the ground. There are buds on the magnolia, a hint of joy to come.

Perhaps the parks and countryside will come to life again, only legally visitable at the time of writing, and the birds will be busy planning new families.

Are you too, perhaps? You can miss this if you live in the Southern Hemisphere… No, you don’t, really.

Spring, just a little farther down the line, is coming again. The seasons begin regardless, unaware, soothing.

And you can also feel smug about living in New Zealand if you live in New Zealand. 5.HugNot maybe for a moment, and again this will not be seen by anyone as anything to rejoice about, but it will become a choice again to hug. Perhaps it might be an opportunity to reconsider the entire thing, to lay down some new laws.

If you feel like embracing someone, for instance, and they want to be hugged, then hug them, Huggy Bear.

But we should all say no to those uncomfortable should-we-shouldn’t-we scenarios.

Instead, what do you do in a greeting case, say? Oh, Air Kiss? Too European – right now we’re out of that. About handshake? In the contrary – to Brexit, to Rees-Mogg.

Then germs, too.

So let’s keep the elbow bump – a grudging concession to physical contact, but with a bit of comedy to break the ice.

Less risky.

See. Another great thing to come out in 2020. 6. whole facesbuttocks, noses, mouths, chins.

So you can tell who someone is and whether they’re smiling or scowling instead of trying to guess by their eyes.

I know masks will be around for a while, and they have their advantages (they beat facial recognition software and bad breath).

But it will be nice to see people again.

And no more uncomfortable mask.7.

Art, right? The cultural previews got it right, and that is – shows and books and everything to look forward to this year.

In general, however, it is time to reawaken not only the body, but also the soul. There will be – has been – tragic cultural losses, and sadness.

But the lights in many theaters will come on again. Even if they don’t look quite the same, there will be live music concerts, operas, festivals! And blockbusters at the movies again – welcome back, Mr. Bond. People, in one room, sharing a common experience, these are the things that make it all bearable.8.

SuccessionBoom ba da da, tinkle tinkle tinkle, boom ba da da – that’s the theme, obviously.

Such a great theme, such a great series.

Succession gets its own mention because the wait for the third season of Jesse Armstrong’s sparkling, evocative drama has become unbearable.Remember how it left us? Kendall (Jeremy Strong), seemingly about to fall on his sword and take the blame for the cruise scandal, suddenly turns it around and points it directly at his father. The sword that is pointed at Logan (Brian Cox). Not a real sword, no – a metaphorical one. The rap was real – remember Kendall’s rap? It’s impossible to forget Kendall’s rap.The date became


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