Who is on BBC Question Time tonight?


BBC Question Time will air tonight at 10:45pm with the flagship political programme seemingly ditching the virtual locations used during lockdown.

Tonight will see a wide range of MPs and representatives from across the nation appear on the show on BBC One. 

We take a look at who is on the panel tonight and what viewers can expect.

Vicky Ford – Conservative, Minister for Children and Families

The Government representative on the show tonight will be Vicky Ford, the Minister for Children and Families. With school meals in the headlines in England this week. The former MEP and MP for Chelmsford since 2017, will no doubt be on hand to defend government policy.

The MP was vocal about the pictures being shared on social media of food packages writing: “The photos being shared on social media last night and today are completely unacceptable and do not reflect the high standard of free school meals we expect to be sent to children. Chartwells has rightly apologised and admitted the parcel in question was not good enough. I met their CEO earlier today and he has assured me they have taken immediate action to stop further deliveries of poor-quality parcels.”

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Today it was announced that in England, schools would not be required to provide free school meals during the February half terms – something that we can expect to be raised tonight?

On the Question Time panel tomorrow we’ve got @vickyford, @JonAshworth, @Dr_PhilippaW, Donna Kinnair and Mike Barton. Join us at 10:45pm on @BBCOne. #bbcqt pic.twitter.com/KyT41gV8Ht
— BBC Question Time (@bbcquestiontime) January 13, 2021

Jon Ashworth, Shadow health secretary

Labour’s representative on the flagship political show will be Jon Ashworth, the shadow health and social care secretary. Viewers can expect the MP for Leicester South to quiz the government on their policies surrounding the ongoing Covid-19 battle in the UK, with deaths hitting an all-time high in the nation. The vaccine roll-out as well as the school meals topic will also likely be raised.

The MP was vocal in his early backing of considering the use of 24-hour vaccination sites to facilitate quicker distribution – with the rate of vaccination likely to be a talking point.

Dr Philippa Whitford,  SNP health and social care spokesperson, Westminster

The SNP’s health and social care spokesperson at Westminster will also be on the virtual panel this evening. She former consultant has been MP for Central Ayrshire since 2015 will also be appearing on the panel this evening. The MP made headlines after clashing with Matt Hanock over his patronising tone to a former doctor when she questioned him on testing. She tweeted: “Yet another rude and patronising response from Matt Hancock. As Dr for 38 years, of course I’m not against ‘Testing’ but tests which miss over half of COVID-19 cases. Viewers can also expect the MP to be vocal on matters of Scottish independence and Brexit if mentioned.”

Yet another rude & patronising response from @MattHancock! As Dr for 38 years, of course I’m not against ‘Testing’ but tests which miss over half of #COVID19 cases create dangerous false reassurance! @AllysonPollock pic.twitter.com/fUr3KpoHBv
— Dr Philippa Whitford (@Dr_PhilippaW) December 14, 2020

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Donna Kinnair – The Chief executive and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing

The Chief Executive and General Secretary of the RCN was made a dame in 2008 and has been the leader of the nurses’ union since 2018. Having previously worked as a health visitor and nurse, Kinnair has been vocal about the hardships faced by nurses while caring for Covid patients and was also vocal regarding the Christmas rules – stating that the government had to be clearer about the risk of mixing over the festive period. She will undoubtedly be vocal on all aspects of Covid during the show this evening. 

Mike Barton, former chief constable

The former chief constable led Durham Constabulary for 7 years in a career that spanned almost 40 years with the force. The officer has been critical of the confusion created amid the government’s rules after two women were fined for meeting up for a country walk with hot drinks in Derbyshire. He has said the public will only comply with the law if they “see the police acting fairly”.



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