When he says the “battle for Brexit” is over, Mark Francois refers to Braveheart.


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In his contribution to the debate on the EU (Future Relationship) Bill in the House of Commons, Mark Francois made reference to Braveheart.

The Conservative MP said in his speech to the chamber that after a “truly epic struggle,” the United Kingdom should now write a new chapter as a “free people.”

“He told the House of Commons, “We have won what I call the ‘fight for Brexit’ now. But I suspect the battle for the Union is now starting.

Mark Francois rages when an EU protester interrupts his live TV interview.

“In what Sir Winston Churchill called the history of our island, we are about to write a new chapter.

“But now, after a truly epic struggle, we will do it as a free people.”

Mr. Francois added, “Mel Gibson once made a very entertaining movie, but this is ‘cry freedom’ for real and now finally it’s true.”

The MP, who chairs the European Study Community, also likened his Brexit-supporting colleagues to “Spartans” in his speech and indicated that they might “lower our spears.” now.

He said, “Thanks to this New Year’s Eve agreement, we are finally leaving the European Union for good, so maybe Big Ben will blow the Brexit whistle after all.”

“Last week, Nigel Farage memorably said, ‘The war is over.’ Well, at times, it felt like a war here.

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“Perhaps we should now heed the advice of the prophet Isaiah, who said, ‘And they shall hammer their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall no more lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more,'”

In that case, maybe now I and my Spartan friends can lower our spears as well, but maybe keep them handy, just in case one day someone, maybe an opposition leader, should try to take us up again.

“My colleagues in the European Research Group have fought long and hard for this day and we have sometimes been ridiculed or even vilified by the Remain-dominated electronic media for our efforts, when all we ever wanted was one thing – to live in a free country that elects its own government and makes its own laws here in Parliament and then live in peace among them.”

Parliament is being recalled to implement the agreement into UK law, a day before the UK stops following EU rules.

A debate began this morning with a vote expected around 2:30 this afternoon.


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