Watch: The moment supporters of Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol City


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This is when demonstrators in favor of Donald Trump marched through the United States. Building a Capitol.

The U.S. was invaded by demonstrators supporting President Donald Trump Capitol, prompting a delay in the constitutional process to validate the win of Joe Biden in the election in November.

Updates from Capitol Hill: violent scenes in the US Capitol’s riot as Trump backers

Protesters broke through barricades in violent clashes with police and were able to reach the building on Capitol Hill Wednesday, disrupting the official endorsement by politicians of the election victory of Joe Biden.

One shouted inside the Senate chamber, “Trump won the election.”

Capitol: Joe Biden encourages Donald Trump to tolerate rioters as he says “a president’s words count”

After Trump supporters burst through security barriers, a joint session of Congress to confirm Joe Biden’s election was forced into an unexpected recess.


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