Watch: In the recent Led By Donkeys stunt, Donald Trump targeted


In giant letters outside one of his Scottish golf resorts, divisive U.S. President Donald Trump has come under attack from online pranksters who called him a “loser”

In the latest U.S. presidential election, Trump lost to Joe Biden, but refused to concede defeat to his opponent, wrongly attributing the win to voter fraud.

After approving the formal transition of power to the president-elect, Trump seemed to have a change of heart – with the federal government already acknowledging Joe Biden as the winner.

“RIGGED ELECTION,”RIGGED ELECTION,”This claim of voter fraud is denied.”This accusation of voting fraud is denied.

In traditional “Led By Donkeys” style, a British political activist party, the president was soon mocked by a response.

In giant letters, the satire experts projected the word “LOSER” onto the lawn of Trump’s golf resort in Turnberry, Scotland.

“We know you’re having a hard time accepting the election results, so we projected it onto your golf course with familiar music.”We know you have a hard time accepting the election results, so with familiar music, we projected it onto your golf course.

We know that the election results are difficult for you to embrace, so we projected it on your golf course with some familiar songs.
– November 25, 2020 Led By Donkeys (@ByDonkeys)

Village People, a song used in Trump’s viral presidential campaign, submitted the video to the YMCA.


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