US Election: No better than Trump is Biden. All he’s got is a better-fit suit – Opinion: Kevin McKenna


The polished and calculated answers from HER did not immediately fit the picture we like to create of the supporters of Donald Trump. She was interviewed on Wednesday morning by a BBC Home Counties radio host and tried to conceal her contemptuous exasperation. “But he’s lying,” she said of the president of the United States, as if that were the unforgivable sin of world politics. “Of course he lies,” the Republican said, “but we like what he stands for.”

Her brief response summed up all that had been overlooked by the pollsters and analysts: Trump’s supporters of the working class know his flaws, but find them superior to professional liberals being patronized.

The day before, Joe Biden’s aide was asked what America under the Democratic challenger would look like. The aide said, “He’s going to take care of the middle class,” That’s about as extreme as it gets in the U.S., where a form of devil worship is called something that undermines the rule of money and corporations.

US Election 2020 LIVE Results: Joe Biden on the threshold of the presidency of the United States

In the United Kingdom, meanwhile, a steady stream of fake virtue and holiness erupted from various social media outlets as pessimistic voices of “progressive” leaders vied with each other to rejoice on the anticipated loss of Mr. Trump and exchange witty words. What do both of them think is going to happen now that the beast is gone? How are they now going to have their fun? For four years, to reaffirm their self-image as right-thinking people on the right side of history, they used the bizarre performance art of Mr. Trump’s presidency.

We have been left with a valuable legacy by Trump’s mad monster ball at the White House: he has shown us what America really is like under the painted mask of justice and decency. To ensure that his writing works in the developed world, this nation is a playground bully vulnerable to occasional outbursts of severe violence. Mr. Trump is the first president to be frank in that respect.

He was asked about his appreciation for Russian President Vladimir Putin in a February 2017 interview with Fox News reporter Bill O’Reilly. “He’s a killer,” said O’Reilly. “There are a lot of killers. Do you think our country is that innocent?” answered Trump.

This president may have hated America again, but if the foreign policy of your country is to sow ethnic and sectarian animosity across the world in order to defend its interests, its stance can hardly be called extreme.

Like all the other millionaire Democrats who have occupied the White House, Joe Biden is going to be talking big. But like them, he will preside over a country where families are deported en masse and his police are permitted to kill blacks with impunity: a nation where a high school student has been playing Russian roulette for six years with the National Rifle Association.

Biden is going to claim to be tough on the gun lobby, but money will prevail over decency, as with anything else in this fundamentally uncivilized country.

The CIA will penetrate Latin American nations that aim for justice. Somewhere, a little war will start: it typically does. Under their control, the Middle East will remain chaotic and the U.S. will continue to build its axis of evil and provide the usual suspects blamed for global instability.

This nation is not the land of opportunity, but rather of opportunities that are missed. Only in numbers and money is it great and therefore able to generate more of those we consider geniuses. It has a cultural superiority blessed with the possession of English as its mother tongue, whose music, film, television and literature exert a global impact. It is also, however, a great nation of crime: stubbornly paranoid about socialism and any possibility that workers could aspire to a fair share of resources and income.

American election: Joe Biden says “we will win the US election” but doesn’t claim victory.

America is narcissistic to a bizarre and hair-raising degree, like many tyrants, investing untold billions on exploration of space with no reason other than it can. It is a gangster state, democratically elected or not, that sponsors terrorism against the wrong kind of leader. It turned Cuba into a mafia jurisdiction for the whims of the monied classes of America and the thugs who liked to coddle them, and then, for three decades, blocked it: the classic act of a dictator who can’t make his own way.

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