‘Unstoppable’ Scottish freedom, says Plaid Cymru leader in the Welsh Indyref pledge



If Plaid Cymru wins a majority in next May’s Welsh parliamentary election, party leader Adam Price said, Wales will be given an independence referendum within five years.

Mr. Price said support for an independent Wales is now higher than at any point in history, while Boris Johnson’s Westminster government is attacking devolution.

The leader of the party also said the need to hold a referendum was “accelerated” as he claimed that by 2025 Scotland would become an independent nation and that Brexit had made it possible for a united Ireland.

Mr. Price has said that if he can command a majority of Senedd’s MPs after next May, a binary electoral referendum on Welsh independence will be offered to the nation by 2026, during the first term of the Plaid administration.

Johnson prepares ‘no-deal’ Brexit, raised as ‘primary independence question’ Sturgeon concerned

Devolution itself – the most basic democratic concept that decisions affecting Wales should be taken in Wales – is under attack by Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, Mr. Price said at a press conference today, announcing his plans.

Meanwhile, Scotland’s desire for another independence referendum is becoming relentless and Scotland could well be an independent nation by 2025. And Brexit also provided further momentum to demands for a united Ireland.

Wales is in real danger of being left in a new England-and-Wales formation as part of a rump United Kingdom – which would be the absolute worst of all worlds,”Wales is in real danger of being left as part of a rump United Kingdom, in a new England-and-Wales formation – which would be the ultimate worst of all worlds,”

“For these reasons, I pledge today that a Plaid Cymru government that can command a majority in the Senedd will offer a referendum on independence from Wales in its first term, provided the party agrees.”

In June, a poll found that if there were a referendum the next day – the highest support ever registered – 25 percent of voters in Wales would support independence.

But the same poll also showed that if granted a referendum on the subject, 25 percent of respondents would prefer to abolish the Welsh Parliament.

At last month’s 86th Annual National Conference of the SNP, Mr. Price vowed that his “first official call as the first pro-independence First Minister of Wales would be to your First Minister,” Nicola Sturgeon, next May, as he agreed to put the two nations together at a Celtic summit.

Mr. Price said he is keen to “strengthen and improve” the relationship between the two nations and pledged a “Celtic Summit” in the summer of 2021, as First Minister of Wales, where shared priorities and objectives can be developed “as independence and mutual cooperation becomes the new normal.”


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