U.S. election commentary from David Pratt: How to rebuild a fractured country


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Foreign Editor David Pratt looks forward to what comes next when America finds itself in a twilight zone of campaigning, between the truth of the votes counted and the fantasy of Trump’s supposed fraud.

It’s U.S. intelligence’s job to know stuff in advance. You can read into it on that basis what you want, that the service already began last Friday to reinforce the protective ring around the presidential Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.

It’s not that Biden’s security risk was significant, it’s just the almost unavoidable fact that he’s about to make history and become the president-elect of the United States.

For Americans and countless of us around the world watching this amazing political drama unfold, in a U.S. presidential election, we have seldom, if ever, seen anything like this.

US Presidential Election: Lawmakers congratulate Joe Biden on his win in the US election.

What’s more, even when Biden eventually picked up the tape as the first for the White House in this campaign, it was obvious that if President Donald Trump made good on his threats and challenged the election results in the U.S. courts, this drama would almost definitely be far from over.

The tide has finally turned decisively, after days of confusion. Trump had no choice but to watch furiously at times from the White House press room as his lead eroded in the four primary states of Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and, most notably, Pennsylvania in the last few days, as the count of absentee ballots changed in astonishing fashion. The reverse was only true in Arizona, where the president was able to make some inroads into Biden’s lead. But the Democratic nominee, even here, was just narrowly in the lead.

Overall, however, it was a tale of the almost inexorable selection by Biden of the 270 electoral votes he required to be elected president.

Nowhere has this been more dramatic than in the state where he was born in Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral votes – more than enough to win the presidency.

“Biden’s victory in the U.S. election is “imminent,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday, adding that the Democratic nominee will soon be referred to not as a former vice president, but as “president-elect.

Pelosi said at a press conference at the U.S. Capitol, “It’s a happy day for our country,” “Because Joe Biden is a unifier.”

“President-elect Biden has a strong mandate to lead, and he will have a strong Democratic House by his side.”President-elect Biden has a strong mandate to lead, and he will have at his side a strong Democratic House.

“with a clear majority and with the nation behind us.”with a clear majority and with the nation behind it, considering the strains, acrimony and hasty or misleading statements that characterized this campaign from the Trump camp,

Biden, who will be the longest-serving president in the history of the United States, also spoke of a “mandate for action” to start working on problems such as coronavirus, the environment, climate change and structural racism. Above all, as the results came in, he urged patience and calm.

“We need to stay calm, be patient and wait out the process while we count all the votes,” he said.

“put anger and demonization behind us,”put behind us anger and demonization,”We may be adversaries, but we are not enemies.”We may be adversaries, but we are not enemies.

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But Biden knows that Trump is determined to contest the election result in court, far from graciously conceding defeat, even though it might prove more challenging than the president imagines. The Trump lawsuits were deemed undeserved by a campaign lawyer on Biden’s own staff, more political tactic than legal.

I want to stress that, for their intent, these cases do not have to have substance. That’s not the goal… It is to give them the chance to spread misleading messages about the election process,” Attorney Bob Bauer told the Associated Press (AP) agency, accusing the Trump campaign of “constantly claiming violations, system vulnerabilities and fraud without any basis in fact.

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