Two thirds of the SNP voters want Covid to rebound ahead of the referendum on Scottish independence.



A recent survey has found that two-thirds of SNP voters don’t want another independence referendum to take precedence over curing the coronavirus.

The Scottish Labour Party survey by Survation showed that while the majority of Scots would prefer a referendum in the next four years, they also want the Scottish government to ensure that every constitutional vote falls before the economy and public health.

The Scottish Labour Party says that, after the pandemic, the government should stop pushing a vote on anything else and concentrate on putting the nation back on a safe footing.

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The survey was conducted between Dec. 4 and 9, asking 1,010 individuals for their opinions around the country aged 16 and older.

Around one-third (30 percent) said they would wait more than four years to vote when asked about the timing of another referendum, while 58 percent wanted a vote before that.

Approximately one-fifth (21 percent) said that next year they would want a referendum, 23 percent said in two years, 10 percent said in three years, 4 percent said in four years, and 13 percent didn’t know when they would want a ballot.

Looking only at SNP-voting voters, 87 percent said that over the next four years they wanted another referendum.

Thirty-eight percent called for it next year to take effect.

Just 6% wanted to wait more than four years, while 7% were unaware of it.

More than two-thirds of Conservative voters (69 percent) chose to wait more than four years, while 45 percent of Labour and 55 percent of Liberal Democratic voters felt the same thing.

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Of the SNP voters who took part in the survey, 64% said they would prefer the redevelopment of Covid to be prioritized by the Scottish government over a referendum, while 8% said the opposite.
Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have suggested holding an independence referendum next year, said Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard.

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“But now is not the time for another referendum.”

The Labour leader added: “The Scottish government should instead be fully focused on recovering from the health and economic crisis that 13 years of SNP rule have left Scotland unprepared for.”


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