Tories say that Scotland has gained from the ‘Union boost’ of £ 1,500 to resolve the Covid 19 crisis


The Tories have reported that Scotland has earned a “Union boost” worth the equivalent of 1,500 pounds per person for efforts to fight the coronavirus.

The Scottish Conservatives said the U.K. had turned over extra spending totaling 8.2 billion pounds. Since the pandemic started in March, the government.

The party’s constitutional spokesperson, Dean Lockhart, welcomed the “unprecedented support” from Westminster in the face of the Covid 19 crisis.

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But SNP MP Alison Thewliss said the extra spending had been financed “through our taxes and public borrowing.”

The Scottish Conservatives had predicted the U.K. For every man, woman and child in Scotland this year, the government has given £ 1,501 to battle Covid-19.

Based on the additional £ 8.2 billion accepted as part of the Barnett sequels, and excluding the Scottish share of UK-wide programs such as the “conservative estimate” program and the related program set up to support the self-employed, the party said this was a “Furlough” of expenditure in Scotland.

“During the corona virus outbreak, Mr. Lockhart said, “The UK government offered extraordinary assistance to individuals and local businesses, which demonstrates how important Scotland’s role in the UK is to our public services.

Right before this outbreak, the UK government had allocated Scotland’s highest budget ever, and an extra £ 1,500 per person has been spent on fighting this pandemic since then.

“In contrast, the SNP has failed to protect Scottish jobs in the face of the Covid pandemic. They have left far too many local firms to fend for themselves.”

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“But Ms. Thewliss said, “The Tories are undermining the intellect of taxpayers across Scotland who, through our taxation and public borrowing, have financed these measures.

“Instead of shamelessly enriching themselves at our expense, the Tories should take responsibility for the millions of people they have left behind, including public sector workers affected by a Tory pay freeze, the three million excluded people left without any support and the rising number of unemployed as UK redundancies reach record levels.”

The Scottish government has consistently called for the ministers at Holyrood to be granted greater borrowing powers so that they can act without having to wait for additional money from Britain.

Ms. Thewliss said that the Tories were causing unemployment to increase and leaving families on the scrapheap by holding back investment and blocking the devolution of financial powers – much as Thatcher did in the 1980s.

She stressed, “Scotland should not have to wait for Westminster to act. It’s clearer than ever that the only way to properly protect Scotland’s interests and build a fairer society is to become an independent country.”


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