Three-month duty-free cap for U.K. to NI parcels declared


A three-month reprieve from new customs procedures for parcels sent from the UK to Northern Ireland has been declared by the government.

Due to confusion about new trade agreements for the Irish Sea, the long-awaited guidance comes after many major retailers, including John Lewis, halted shipments to the area.

Northern Ireland will enforce EU customs regulations at its ports from 11 p.m. under the terms of the Brexit withdrawal agreement. On Eve of New Year.

While the extended free trade agreement removed the possibility of tariffs on GB products entering Northern Ireland, there would still be a need for customs declarations.

Traders have called for clarification as to whether all packages exported from the UK to Northern Ireland, including those shipped directly to customers, would require customs declarations.

The government has announced that for most packages shipped to Northern Ireland by April 1, declarations will not be needed.

The only parcels that need to be declared are those containing products worth more than £ 135 and sent to companies in NI from GB companies. There are also three months for these businesses to make these declarations.

The guidance does not include information about what the customs arrangements after April 1 would look like.

Uncertainty about the problem has prompted many distributors and mail order companies to warn of potential disruption, with some halting services to Northern Ireland until clarity is achieved.

Among others who have halted deliveries to the area is John Lewis.

The company’s website says: “Deliveries and collections are temporarily unavailable in Northern Ireland while we make adjustments in line with new government legislation. We hope to be back soon.”

A similar move has been taken by TK Maxx. “We are temporarily unable to deliver orders to Northern Ireland. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and promise to be back very soon.”

Until February, Hugo Boss halted deliveries.

Amazon also cautioned that delays in shipping orders to Northern Ireland could be caused by the new arrangements.


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