There are no reasons for Nicola Sturgeon not to publish frequent vaccination statistics.


There are no reasons for refusing to publish daily Covid 19 vaccination figures after the UK government decided that it would have daily figures for the jags, NICOLA Sturgeon was told.

Boris Johnson vowed yesterday to publish daily statistics about how many people have been vaccinated against coronavirus beginning on Monday – when he revealed that 1.3 million people have been vaccinated across the UK. Until now.

Johnson said the daily statistics will allow the public to see how much progress we are making, “day by day, vaccination by vaccination.”

Throughout the UK, we have already vaccinated over 1.3 million people.

Our efforts are focused on protecting the most vulnerable, reducing hospitalizations and saving lives.
– January 5, 2021 Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson)

However, the First Minister has not undertaken to publish daily figures, although she has indicated that officials will examine if the figures can be released more frequently than the existing weekly timetable.

When Ms. Sturgeon was asked at her daily coronavirus briefing about the topic of daily hunting numbers, she said she “will not commit to that at this time.”

Coronavirus: all Scots older than 50 to be vaccinated by spring

She said, “We will regularly and fully provide as much information as we can.”

“Right now, we are releasing weekly information on the number of people vaccinated. We’re going to try to make that weekly information more detailed – in terms of regional breakdown, breakdown of different groups of people vaccinated.”

Nicola Sturgeon’s First Minister

She said, “We’re going to consider switching to a more regular publishing schedule than once a week.

I want everyone working in our immunization departments at the moment to concentrate on keeping this program up and running, increasing the speed, and getting vaccines into the arms of people.

There will always be a tradeoff – can daily publication offer so much value to accountability and the willingness of people to look at this that it justifies the burden of gathering and releasing this data on individuals.

“If the answer to that is yes, we’ll do that, but if the answer to that is no – weekly or bi-weekly could give us and the public and the media what they need in a way that’s less burdensome for people who are already under a lot of pressure, we’ll do that too.”

NHS staff in Glasgow face hours of waiting for the Covid 19 vaccine

The Scottish Conservatives called on the Scottish government earlier this week to publish daily vaccination statistics and now claim that the SNP has no choice but to do so, following the pledge of the prime minister to do so.

Douglas Ross, leader of the Scottish Tories, also called for improved contact for those getting the vaccine after news that NHS workers had to wait hours in the cold to be vaccinated.

“There are now no excuses for the SNP government to shirk the publication as soon as possible of daily vaccination rates along with daily infection figures,” he said.

Douglas Ross, the Scottish Conservatives’ leader

“The SNP’s dodging to try and avoid scrutiny is nothing new, but on something so important the Scottish public must have the same information as is made available across the UK.”

Mr. Ross added, “Hope needs to be given to people. A daily breakdown of vaccination numbers will show that an end to the pandemic is in sight and provide much needed transparency, along with dosages received by the Scottish Government.”

Reports of NHS workers having to wait hours for the vaccine in freezing temperatures are also very worrying and need to be urgently examined. The incident shows why it is important for the SNP to communicate clearly who is receiving the vaccine and when.


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